Thursday, September 06, 2012

Released One Year Ago Today: Lindsey Buckingham "Seeds We Sow"

One Year Ago Today:
September 6, 2011 Lindsey Buckingham released his 6th solo album "Seeds We Sow" and his 3rd since releasing "Under The Skin" in October, 2006.  

"An exceptional set of great, ambient pop songs from one of Fleetwood Mac’s most influential musical architects." - A.C. FERRANTE

When the continuation of Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed Tour in 2010 fell through with Stevie deciding she wanted to focus on a new solo album (In Your Dreams), the remaining band members were left to their own devices to fill their down time. When Lindsey announced in late 2010 that he too had been working on a new album, it came as a nice surprise not only to fans but to Lindsey himself.  Lindsey didn't plan on putting out a new album.  Having set aside a three year window previously where he released two solo albums (2006's Under The Skin and 2008's Gift of Screws plus a Live DVD Live at The Bass Hall), he was ready to focus on Fleetwood Mac.  But during this down time it just sort of fell into place - and boy are we glad it did!  He's managed to put together a really great album where he handles pretty much everything on the album from the writing and producing to playing nearly every instrument himself.  Without a recording contract, having fulfilled his commitment to Warner Bros. he also took on the task of self-releasing the album - and thus "Seeds We Sow" was born on September 6, 2011.

The album debuted and peaked at #45 on Billboards Top 200 Albums Chart where it tied 1984's "Go Insane" chart position making it his third highest charting album after 1981's "Law and Order" which climbed to #9. Seeds also reached #6 on Billboards Top Rock Albums Chart and #5 on Billboards Top Independent Albums chart.  Internationally the album debuted and peaked at #28 in Norway, debuted and peaked at #92 in Canada, debuted and peaked at #95 in Ireland where it also debuted and peaked at #9 Irelands Top 20 Independent Album charts. In the UK the album debuted at #82 on the UK Top 100 Album Charts Sept 17, 2011 and at #12 on the Top 40 Independent Album Charts.

On The Album Charts
# 28 - Norway
# 45 - USA
# 82 - UK
# 92 - Canada
# 95 - Ireland

New Album | New DVD | 100 Live Shows

A lot has happened in this one year since Lindsey released "Seeds We Sow".

- New Album Released - September, 2011
- 39 Live Shows - September 10th to November 14, 2011
- New DVD/CD Released - October, 2011
- 61 Live Shows - May 3rd to September 8, 2012

Shortly after the release of the new album, Lindsey embarked on a two month 39 city full band tour of the US and Canada from September 10th to November 14, 2011.  After the North American run of shows, Lindsey was scheduled to perform nine dates in the UK and Ireland in December, but because of a band member injury, the dates were cancelled and sadly never rescheduled.

In October, 2011 during the tour, Lindsey also released a live DVD/CD package titled "Songs From The Small Machine: Live in L.A." from a show previously filmed in Beverly Hills, CA in April, 2011.

From November, 2011 until May, 2012 - Lindsey was pretty much dormant until he kicked things back into gear May 3, 2012 setting off on a 61 date North American Solo Acoustic Tour that concludes with three performance Canada beginning tonight and ending at Casino Rama this Saturday, September 8th in Ontario.

With all the Fleetwood Mac band members now talking about reuniting for a tour in 2013, it looks like Lindsey will be taking a break until things pick back up in early 2013 when it's been reported that tour rehearsals for Fleetwood Mac begin in January.

Thanks for the great year Lindsey!


Anonymous said...

An INCREDIBLE year!!! The Solo/Acoustic show was the type of show I have been waiting to see for 15 years! THANK YOU LINDSEY for the meet/greet opportunities and sharing your endless zest & passion for music! I can't wait for MORE Solo/Acoustic tours!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindsey x
Yep, that's what we're counting on - an endless supply of Solo/Acoustic tours from now on in!!!

P.S. What about that final leg?????? ;)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone come across the sales figures (aka Soundscan report) for Seeds We Sow? One industry publication reported sales under 20,000, but it was too vague.

Anonymous said...

"...musical archetect". It's true... Lindsey Buckingham is the Mike Brady of music!

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