Friday, September 07, 2012

Photos & Mayhem in Ottawa for Lindsey Buckingham + Stevie Nicks in Washington, DC

Weird sort of circumstances... Both Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks are performing tonight in Nation Capitals.  Lindsey's in Ottawa which is the National Capital of Canada playing the Folk Festival and Stevie Nicks is performing tonight (and tomorrow) in the US Capital Washington, DC at the National Portrait Gallery for The Celebration of Science Dinner.  Stevie spoke of her Walter Reed visits and performed Soldiers Angel.

The Ottawa Folk Festival
Twitter reports live from the Folk Festival are saying that the power cut out during Lindsey's performance of "I'm So Afraid" not once, but a couple times... Mic's weren't working... Amps blew out...THAT can't be good!  So Lindsey moved on to "Go Your Own Way", finished the tune then left the stage ending his set as per usual.  When he came back he said 'They've assured me this won't happen again" he then moved onto the encores of "Trouble" and "Seeds We Sow" with no issue, then attempted "I'm So Afraid" at the very end once again when for the second time things blew up and the sound cut out.  And that's where the show ended... Too bad about I'm So Afraid, but in the end most of the show was performed which is great!

The weather in the area hasn't been the greatest this evening, the rain had apparently held off, but there was lightning overhead during his performance and maybe there was a lightning strike near by, maybe once, maybe twice... Or maybe the humidity was too much... Who knows.  In the end... From those who attended, it sounds like he put on an impressive performance!

Folk Fest: Big Love for solo act

If there ever was anyone who could hit all the right notes for the new Ottawa Folk Festival, Lindsey Buckingham would be at the top of the list.

Fleetwood Mac’s former lead guitarist, and arguably its most successful songwriter, played a solo acoustic show of Fleetwood Mac hits as well as his own songs, stripped down to the bare bones.

Now 62 but looking intense, Buckingham opened his show with Cast Away Dreams. Alas, despite the tune’s hypnotic rhythm, the sound was so loud and sharp, it hurt to listen. However, the problem was fixed by the time he played his second tune, a Fleetwood Mac cover called Bleed to Love Her.

He then described the show’s content, and his career thus far as the “big machine versus the little machine, that is, Fleetwood Mac and my solo career.”

In the late 1970s, Fleetwood Mac was one of the biggest-selling bands on the planet, and Buckingham was the author of their most popular hit songs Go Your Own Way, Never Going Back Again and Big Love.

Packing an impressive arsenal of exotic guitars, Buckingham played some of the most dazzling licks I’ve ever heard from a guitar, and his writing is forceful and unconventional. My only regret was having to leave early to meet an early deadline.

Here are a couple of Twitter pics from tonight. 

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