Monday, May 06, 2013

58 PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Fleetwood Mac Live in New Orleans
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Photos by Nathan Malone
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You don't often see Fleetwood Mac photographed playing live during the day... Beautiful shots!


Anonymous said...

I can't click on each individual pic and get a close up look :(

Anonymous said...

Same here. I thought it was my computer. Looks like there are some great shots. Too bad I can't click on the thumbnails and get a close up.

Anonymous said...

^^ Above Stevie and Lindsey's photo at the top, in red, is "view gallery". You can view them all there.

pat said...

Great pictures of the band, and Stevie's hair is wavY! It looks like the band was squeezed into a smaller stage. The audience on stage was a little distracting, especially since many of them were busy taking pictures or looking at their phones.

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