Saturday, March 29, 2014

Facebook Presale Info: Fleetwood Mac #Calgary #Edmonton #Winnipeg #Vancouver #Saskatoon

Live Nation Facebook Pre-sale info Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Vancouver

Go to each of the below Facebook Live Nation pages and click on the Tab labelled "Facebook Presales" at the top of each Facebook page - and click on it... 'Like' the pre-sale page to reveal this image and the link to 'Get Tickets' during the presale. The Facebook Presale begins April 2nd on Ticketmaster or

Evidently ALL Facebook Presales Codes are: 'Mac'

Check out the 2014 Tour Dates page for additional presale info and passwords

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Anonymous said...

A once prolific member of the FM fan community, devoted most to Stevie Nicks, has been laying low for a long time to position himself where he should be, on the 'inside' and it ''only'' took a 6 figure investment. He will have some exclusive video and audio of the recording sessions, sooner than later, and tour rehearsals. He's the best 'in' we will have!

He has been missed and I hope that HerjinaNYC comes through first, he likes to. Now, he has paid for the right to! Soon? Edward? Please?!

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