Thursday, March 06, 2014

UK TV March 8-12: New Show "Discovering: Fleetwood Mac" PLUS Stevie Nicks Soundstage

Discovering: Fleetwood Mac
New. Discussing the soap opera that is Fleetwood Mac’s 46-year history is a big ask for a show of only 30 minutes, but critics Camilla Pia, Will Hodgkinson and John Aizlewood tackle the incredible story tonight. They focus on how the group’s turmoil-filled personal lives were exposed in Rumours, their 1977 masterpiece. - Length 30 mins

Sky Arts 1
March 8th  - 8:30pm
March 9th  - 1:30am
March 11th - 6:00pm
March 12th - 2:00pm

Soundstage Presents Stevie Nicks
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Nicks gives a radiant performance of her greatest hits, proving why she is one of the best-loved female artists in rock history. - Length 1 hour

Sky Arts 1
March 8th  - 9:00pm
March 9th  - 2:00am
March 9th  - 8:30am
March 11th - 6:30pm
March 12th - 2:30pm


SR said...

Is this a new soundstage or the one from Chicago

Nickslive said...

It's the Chicago version SR

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