Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Stevie Nicks" Shailene Woodley when asked what character she'd most like to play

Shailene Woodley was asked during an NPR interview what character she'd most like to play.

Her answer:

"Stevie Nicks," she responds immediately. "She's my dream. My dream! My dream!"

She could do worse than look to someone like Nicks — someone who found success by subverting the expectations of the traditional ingĂ©nue and playing more or less on her own idiosyncratic terms.

Full interview print or audio at NPR


Anonymous said...

She would be wonderful to play Stevie is a movie. She is so beautiful and feminine like Stevie. And her face is enough like Stevie's to make it work. A much better choice than either Lindsay Lohan or Reese Witherspoon.

Anonymous said...

A movie about Stevie would be a dream come true!

Anonymous said...

...and here, my friends, is the perfect "Rhiannon" for Stevie's rumored movie production; imagine Shailene Woodley with golden hair, in a flowing white maiden's gown, dressed as the legendary woman of ancient welsh lore... hauntingly stunning!

Brian said...

If it gets done I hope it will be done soon enough not 10-15 years down the road. Stevie has said that she will have a big part in what the movie will be about because she does not want made up stuff. On how she was threw the years and rightly so. I would be feel the same way if it was me. Maybe she can do something with Dave too on her musical career and have it as a movie and documentary combo of her life. Now that would be a Stevie Fans Dream, I think she deserves this kind of recitation for being the queen of rock in roll for years now! She would down play all this but she is so loved by thousands and thousands of fans. May god bless you Stevie! Rock on Baby girl.

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