Saturday, September 27, 2014

Christine McVie: Why she quit and rejoined the band

by Jon Bream
Star Tribune
Photo: Danny Clinch

On why she left
“I’d developed a dreadful fear of flying. I was fed up with the travel and all the schlepping. I think I got burned out with that. Then my father died. I bought a house in England. I wanted to spend more time with my family in England after the big earthquake we had; I wanted to get out of L.A. I was a country lady, living in a big house with the dogs and cooking. I just wanted to calm down and breathe and lead a normal life for a bit. I told the guys when we were doing the last tour [in 1998], and they accepted it. It wasn’t ever anything personal.”

On her music career
“I did make a solo album with my nephew in my studio. But I was still afraid of flying, so I didn’t want to tour.”

On why she came back
“I think it came to a point where I said: ‘What am I going to do? I can’t sit here and watch my dogs get old. I’ve got to do something.’ I wanted to play music. But I couldn’t fly. So I went to a therapist and got myself sorted out. It so happened that Mick [Fleetwood] was coming into London to promote Fleetwood Mac’s upcoming tour in Europe. He called me. I said, ‘I’m going to try to get to Maui’ [where he lived]. He said: ‘You’ll get on a plane? You come with me. We’ll go back together.’ That’s what I did. I got on the plane, and I never thought about it again. I [later] went all over Africa on this tiny 12-seater plane and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I said to Mick: ‘What would you do if I were to rejoin the band?’ ”

On preparing for the tour
“Mick and I are sharing this house in L.A., and we have a terrific friendship. It’s like a health farm. We work out separately with a trainer. She also cooks for us.”

On her voice
“We have the same chap [vocal coach] we had before I left the band. He’s fantastic. My voice is holding up really well. They say I’m singing like a bird.”


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I am so glad they have all decided to get back together again. I have truly missed them all.

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