Friday, September 12, 2014

SAMPLE: Stevie Nicks "Cathouse Blues"... Loving how diverse #24KaratGold is going to be!

This is going to be one eclectic album... Check out the clip of "Cathouse Blues".  Stevie really suits this style of music.  Love it!

"I creep on cats feet I don't speak loose
Your self in velvet, forget we ever met
I got the closed in the cathouse blues"

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Available October 7th.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great -- way better than the original on the bootleg from the late 70's.

Anonymous said...

I've gotta say this is the one clip I've liked so far. It's got a sassy Tin Pan Alley quality that's a refreshing change of pace for Stevie and it doesn't require that "angelic" sound her voice had on the demos but has lost through wear and tear. Wish she's do a whole jazzy record like this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds really great. I too love the diversity of material that has been shown for the new CD. Just a comment that relates to another earlier post regarding her 'Official' video for Lady (which I think is just terrific btw) Do her people know that that video is classified as 'unlisted', which means it will not show up in a Youtube search, just the 'official lyric video'. I'm sure its just an oversight on someone's part, but this video would have a huge amount of hits/views if it was listed. The lyric video has a respectable number already. The real video of her on a stage is riveting. More people should see that.

Anonymous said...

Stevie can still dot that "angelic" sound if she wants to. It's all just a state of mind.

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