Friday, September 26, 2014

Stevie Nicks Admits Past Pregnancy With Don Henley and More About Her Wild History

By Rob Tannenbaum

In the ’80s, a doctor warned Stevie Nicks that if she did one more line of cocaine, she’d have a brain hemorrhage. Three decades later, she's still here -- and she has plenty of stories to tell.

Stevie Nicks was sitting in her den in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades recently, overlooking the ocean, when the 66-year-old peered out the window and saw black angel wings. The wings were so pretty, she thought about taking a photo. But after several minutes, she heard ambulance sirens and realized that a boat had caught fire: The angel wings were in fact black smoke.

It’s telling that she saw beauty in a disaster. Rumours, the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album, is both one of the most elegant pop albums ever made, and one of the most savage. The record chronicles the romantic crossfire between Nicks and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, a pair of Americans who'd joined the venerable British group two years earlier, and bassist John McVie and keyboardist Christine McVie, who'd broken up and weren't speaking to one another, following her affair with the band’s sound engineer. (Drummer Mick Fleetwood didn’t escape the melodrama -- his wife had an affair with Mick's best friend.) Though the Nicks-Buckingham romance ended long ago, it continues to yield great songs: On her new album, 24 Karat Gold - Songs From the Vault, due Oct. 7, Nicks has recorded lost songs she wrote between the late '60s and mid-'90s, at least one of which, she tells Billboard, is about Buckingham.

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