Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fleetwood Mac by Fused Magazine

When you’re the one ending a long-term relationship it’s important to your sanity to keep it in your head that you’re not a bastard. Even if there’s something undeniably bastard-like about what you’re doing. You attempt to be as nice and as reasonable as you can, magnanimous even. You don’t argue about money, about the house, about who gets to keep the robot vacuum. But deep in the psyche of the non-bastard the threat of your bastardliness remains: you have to have something to hold onto.

Mine was: “At least you’re not splitting up Fleetwood Mac.”

Full article at Fused Magazine


Unknown said...

Poor writing style. Cumbersome.

John Seger said...

Lame. Horrible writer. Bleh

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