Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fleetwood Mac Never Sounded Better

Fleetwood Mac Live in Winnipeg
MTS Centre - November 10, 2014

by Scott Taylor

Concert reviews never seem to capture the quality of a rock show. They don’t capture the intensity or the response of the crowd. Concert reviews are often beautifully written and sometimes technically snobby, but they never seem to grab your ass like the band does.

Monday night at MTS Centre, Fleetwood Mac returned to Winnipeg and had about as much fun as any group of 20-year-old rock stars could possibly have. Considering that Lindsay Buckingham is 65, Stevie Nicks is 67, Mick Fleetwood is 68, John McVie is 69 and that hot blonde keyboardist/songbird, Christine McVie, is 71 says, quite clearly, that you are NEVER too old.

I’ve been to dozens of rock shows, but few have been as technically sound or as joyfully performed as Fleetwood Mac’s return to the ‘Peg as the original band on Monday night. They weren’t perfect, but they were damn close and the full house — and it was jam-packed to the rafters — nearly wet its collective self.

Now, I know this sounds a little hyperbolic, but hang with me for a second. These people are not young. They started touring a month ago and they are on tour until February. There are 68 dates in the On With the Show Tour. If they were going to take a night off, a Monday night in Winnipeg would be a good choice. Like, who’d ever know, right? Play a few hits and get on the bus. The rubes in central Canada would never suspect anything.

But they didn’t take the night off. They played for 2 ½ hours and they nailed it. From the opening song, The Chain, until an absolute killer rendition of Don’t Stop, they tore the roof off the place.

I know, it surprised me, too. In fact, the people around me were generally jaw-dropped. Fleetwood Mac has been doing this together for 40 years, it can’t be new or fun or shockingly good. But it was. It was 10 times better than I expected and 100 times better than my 29-year-old companion expected.

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Say You Love Me
You Make Loving Fun
Don't Stop


Anonymous said...

stevie is 66 thankyou not 67

Anonymous said...

What a great review but the reviewer needs to proof read his work and do his research - Stevie, as the above poster stated, is 66 and I don't think I've ever heard her referred to as "Steve" - LOL

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