Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fleetwood Mac's leader reveals the true epic scale of their debauchery

Fleetwood Mac were sitting around stoned in the studio one night with one of their engineers when they set about solving an arithmetic problem that had been niggling at them.

How much cocaine, they wondered, had drummer Mick Fleetwood put up his nose?  Working on the premise he had taken an eighth of an ounce every day for 20 years, the sound engineer calculated that if you laid out the drug in a single snortable line, it would stretch for 11km.

This full article originally appeared in The Daily Mail (UK) November 7, 2014.  Visit The Daily Mail to read the article on-line

Article appears in today's "The Advertiser SA WEEKEND Magazine" 
(Australia) November 29-30, 2014

Micks new book "Play On, Now, Then and Fleetwood Mac is available everywhere.

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