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Sunday, February 19, 2012

(Video) He's back... Lindsey Buckingham Once Again on SNL "What Up With That"

SNL sketch "What Up With That" with Kenan Thompson featuring Lindsey Buckingham, (portrayed by Bill Hader), was back on tonight during the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. Along with Lindsey, this week’s guest were Kate Upton and Bill O’Reilly.  Kenan called this Lindsey's 100th appearance - which it could very well be... I lost count on the number of times over the last couple of years Bill Hader has played Lindsey... His character never gets to speak, which is kind of the punch line.

Check out tonights sketch here

Bill Hader’s Lindsey Buckingham once again got screwed out of a chance to talk. Kenan Thompson’s host claimed that Hader’s Fleetwood Mac star would get a chance to display his special Presidents Day talent on a video on the fictional show’s website, only to reveal that that’s not actually a thing they do. Well, it turns out that he was wrong as SNL has now released the video online.

Lindsey Buckingham honors our nation's Presidents when he's finally given a chance to speak.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham... FINALLY on SNL... Persistence Does Pay Off

No only did Lindsey finally show up on Saturday Night Live tonight during the skit 'What Up With That' but he played a little bit of "Big Love"... During the segment Bill Hader began as usual sitting at the end of the panel silent of course, never getting the chance to speak... Bill Hader has been portraying Lindsey sitting in along with two other guests who are the real deal during the Keenan Thompson singfest since the 2009 season. Tonight Paul Simon was the musical guest along with a cast member of GLEE and spoke briefly about his album and made mention of the fact that Lindsey never gets to speak... Shortly there after Keenan Thompson, says something along the lines that he didn't know there were two Lindsey Buckinghams... Then out pops Lindsey strolling on stage, guitar in hand...and plays "Big Love" (no singing). At the end, the real Lindsey Buckingham DOES end up speaking and the Bill Hader version of him still remains silent.

Great stuff!.. Lindsey looked good. Bill and Lindsey were dressed identical in what Lindsey typically wore during the 2009 Unleashed Tour - red shirt, jeans and black leather.

Whether this was a calculated move on the part of SNL to get Lindsey to appear or not, I have no idea.  Bill playing LB is so random during this odd segment, that maybe that's the punch line.. If it was calculated, their persistence payed off!  All in all it was great to see Lindsey FINALLY appear... Hopefully he'll get invited back next fall when his album "Seeds We Sow" is released in September.

Also, during the first airing on the east coast... Lindsey was trending on Twitter which I don't believe has ever happened!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm sure you've all seen the multiple SNL skits of "What Up With That" where Bill Hader has portrayed Lindsey Buckingham this season and last...

Well there's a concerted effort to take it to the next level with a push on Facebook ("GET LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM ON SNL") to get the real deal to appear AS HIMSELF on SNL.  It would be awesome to see Lindsey appear either in the skit, or in both the skit and performing - especially this year when he's reportedly releasing a new album... Not only would attract some well deserved attention to his album but I'm sure it would be funny as hell to have him actually sit in. I think SNL ends their season sometime around May... So here's hoping they make it happen this year.

Take a second and view the page and "LIKE" it up at the top.  There are around 110 people that "Like" it so far but I'm sure many more would enjoy seeing Lindsey appear on SNL this season.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


What Up With That...
A tribute to Hollywood.

The real Robert Deniro, Robin Williams and Lindsey Buckingham (portrayed by Bill Hader) on SNL December 4th.

In another classic version of this sketch... Lindsey's introduced as a Movie Enthusiast who agreed to appear on his birthday, with the possibility that he'll actually get to speak... But again, because of time restraints Lindsey misses out on the opportunity... In the end because they ran out of time the host Deandre Cole gives him a birthday present, a picture of the host with LB in the background.

Here's an idea of the skit... Rough recording!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

"What Up With That"

I swear to god.... One of these days the REAL Lindsey Buckingham will surprise us and be sitting there on the panel of the SNL segment "What Up With That".  Repeatedly since last season Bill Hader has portrayed Lindsey sitting in along with two other guests who are the real deal during the Keenan Thompson singfest...  For instance on last nights episode, Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine were sitting there with him.  None of them are essentially given the opportunity to speak least of all Lindsey who at the end of the segment gets the "Sorry Lindsey, we had to cut your song" at the end of the skit.  If they are given a chance to say something, they are cut off by Keenan singing over them. The segment isn't particularly hilarious, it's just odd, which makes it kinda funny.  Lindsey will likely rank up there in SNL history as one of the most portrayed/parodied musicians on the show...

Sunday, March 07, 2010


I don't know how many times this season, but it's been A LOT! Saturday Night Live's "What Up With That" segment features Lindsey Buckingham as portrayed by Bill Hader. The skit is funny in that nobody ever really gets the chance to say anything, or much before the host breaks into song ... I'm not sure where the Lindsey connection is in all this... but I guess it's funny, just because it's so odd... Lindsey's character has been in every segment this season while the other two guests have always been different... I think tonights episode where he mouthed a few words is the most I've seen him move his lips other then to smile.  

This could be SNL's way of asking for the real Lindsey Buckingham to show up one show as himself... I can see him doing it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


For the second time this season on Saturday Night Live Lindsey Buckingham is portrayed by Bill Hader in the segment What Up With That?

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