Sunday, March 07, 2010


I don't know how many times this season, but it's been A LOT! Saturday Night Live's "What Up With That" segment features Lindsey Buckingham as portrayed by Bill Hader. The skit is funny in that nobody ever really gets the chance to say anything, or much before the host breaks into song ... I'm not sure where the Lindsey connection is in all this... but I guess it's funny, just because it's so odd... Lindsey's character has been in every segment this season while the other two guests have always been different... I think tonights episode where he mouthed a few words is the most I've seen him move his lips other then to smile.  

This could be SNL's way of asking for the real Lindsey Buckingham to show up one show as himself... I can see him doing it.


GypsyBlue said...

I think it's hella hard to shut Lindsey up, so maybe the real Lindsey can interrupt with some crazy axe solo!!!

Tom Dean said...

If I know Lindsey, he'll do it.

Anonymous said...

It's a classic non-sequitor, and perhaps an inside joke. I rarely see SNL these days and accidently tuned in to this very funny bit.

This could be Lindsey's "more cowbell!"

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