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Friday, July 06, 2012

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Pics of Nicks... Stevie Nicks & Marc Cohn Live in Hershey, PA

Stevie Nicks Rocks Hershey!
with Marc Cohn
Photos by 97.3 The River and Photographer Michelle Whitehead from before... During... and After Marc Cohn and Stevie Nicks played Hershey, PA July 3, 2012.  I particularly like the black and white shots!
Stevie's pics start at #61 and run up to #85.  
Lots of Meet & Greet photos taken with Lucky contest winners!

Nice photo of Stevie Nicks in todays The Daily News of Newburyport with the following text:

NICKS: ‘More proud’ of new record than anything she has done before

When Stevie Nicks decided to record her first solo album in 10 years, she called her old pal, Eurythmics veteran Dave Stewart.

Not only did he prove to be a particularly well-suited writing partner and producer, he shared a unique historical circumstance that bonded them in a special sort of kinship: Like Nicks, Stewart had been part of a duo that was both musical and romantic. And like Nicks, his romance ended before the musical connection did.

Stewart, of course, was in love with Annie Lennox when the pair gained fame. Nicks had joined forces with Lindsey Buckingham when they were high school students. 

Buckingham was invited to join Fleetwood Mac, he said the Buckingham-Nicks duo, which had released one dead-in-the-water album, was a package deal.

By the time they split, they had put their indelible stamp on what would become one of the bestselling albums of all time, 1977’s “Rumours.” And as if this isn’t enough couple trivia, “Rumours” is actually a chronicle of two band couples coming apart — Nicks and Buckingham and John and Christine McVie.

Then, of course, there was the affair between Nicks and band co-founder and drummer, Mick Fleetwood. But now this is getting confusing.

Fleetwood Mac members have since splintered and come together again more than once. In the meantime, each has made solo forays.

Nicks, who comes to Boston on Tuesday, July 10, has notched the most successful solo career of any Fleetwood Mac veteran. Her string of hits, with and without Fleetwood Mac, represents one of pop music’s most beloved canons: The list includes “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” “Dreams” (a favorite topic), “Edge of Seventeen,” “Leather and Lace” (a duet with one-time lover Don Henley), “Stand Back” and, with Tom Petty, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.”

Her gypsy/witchy-woman look - Victorian-inspired gowns, 
high-heeled boots, leather and lace, silk and satin, romantic hats, 
long, blonde hair, all shown off with frequent 
stage twirls, set a tone in the ’70s from 
which she hasn’t wavered.

She hasn’t changed her songwriting style much, either — or at least, she hadn’t, until she began working with Stewart on “In Your Dreams,” released in May 2011.

Up until he sat in her L.A. living room, expecting her to sing along as he played, she’d never written a song with another person while sharing the same breathing space, face-to-face.

“I sent him 40 pages of poetry, never really expecting him to read all of it, but he did,” Nicks recalled, speaking over the phone in her deep alto tone. “He puts his guitar on and he takes one of the poems out of the binder that I had sent him, and he said, ‘I like this poem. Let’s do this one.’”

Startled, she wanted to tell him she doesn’t write with other people. But she kept quiet.

“Something in me said, ‘Don’t say that. Just sit there and see what he is gonna do,’” she confessed.

And he played. He asked her to sing. And she did.

“That’s actually the third to the last song on the record; it’s called ‘You May Be The One,’” she said. “That’s how it started. And 20 minutes later, we had a really good song.”

The only song on which they actually shared lyricwriting duties was “Everybody Loves You.” Stewart supplied her with a chorus and asked her to write verses. The words he provided were, “Everybody loves you but you’re so alone, no one really knows you, but I’m the only one.”

“I immediately took it like he was writing that about Annie Lennox, because that sounded like a person from a duo writing a song about the other person in the duo,” Nicks said. “And what Dave and I had that was great was that we’d both been in really famous duos, so the whole time we were making this record, I feel like Lindsey and Annie were floating around in the room. Because a lot of the stuff that we both wrote seemed to be directed to our years as famous people in duos.”

She’s hoping her summer solo tour will draw audiences to her poignant mix of love songs, reminiscences, dreamscapes and odes to soldiers, vampires, New Orleans and even Edgar Allen Poe (Nicks set Poe’s poem, “Annabel Lee” to music).

“In Your Dreams” also contains contributions by frequent collaborator Mike Campbell, along with Buckingham, Waddy Wachtel, Fleetwood and other players she’s worked with in the past. Except for drum overdubs, they recorded the entire album in her home, starting in January 2010 and finishing in December.

“It was the best year of my life,” Nicks enthused. “I am probably more proud of this record than anything I’ve ever done.”

When: Stevie Nicks 8 p.m., Tuesday, July 10
Where: Bank of America Pavilion, 290 Northern Ave., Boston
Tickets: $150-$50. Call 617-728-1600 or visit

Ghosts Are Gone. Gone! Stevie Nicks cut In Your Dreams track from setlist in Hershey

Stevie dropped "Ghosts Are Gone" from her setlist in Hershey, PA on July 3rd.... and didn't replace the song with another... Bit surprised she's dropped a song at this stage... Usually within the first couple of shows things may change, but when the setlist carried through to Holmdel and New York City after opening night in Jones Beach on June 29th, I figured it was safe to say this was going to be the setlist for her summer shows... Apparently not!

One poster had a lot to say about the Hershey show, the setlist... Stevie's new album... What she's playing on this tour.. but most importantly, what she ISN'T playing on this tour.. And I have to agree with them in terms of some of the song selections and the opening tune.... Check it out for yourself in the comments section...


And to the Anonymous poster that posted it... NO, I won't delete your post.  I think it's fair and constructive criticism, and you make some good points, one of which - She should have dropped Rock N Roll and opened the show with the title track from the CD "In Your Dreams"!  This track fits so perfectly to open the show... It's exactly the right tempo.  PLUS for the most part, you ALWAYS remember the first tune at any concert!  At least I do.   

Imagine this as the opening number...  Can you feel it?

STEVIE NICKS Through the lens of Joe Russo - Holmdel, NJ

Stevie Nicks - PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, New Jersey - June 30, 2012

Through the lens of Joe Russo

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hershey PA - Stevie Nicks Pics... Vids... and some Hershey Kisses!


 Secret Love


For What It's Worth

On Facebook... Check out Kara Gordons photos from last night, 
she's posted about 144 pretty great images.  Gallery

Thank you to vwall10411 for the great videos

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Photos: Stevie Nicks Live at Hersheypark

July 3, 2012
Photos by Chris Knight, The Patriot-News 

18 Photos... Stevie Nicks Live in NYC - The Beacon Theatre

The Beacon Theatre, New York City 
18 Photos have been posted of Stevie last night in New York City. 
Photos by Jason Kempin. Check out the gallery.

Groupon Deal: Stevie Nicks Live in Virginia Beach Tickets: $20, $25 or $35 and you're in!

Don't miss this show!  When was the last time Stevie performed in Virginia Beach? It's been a LONG time... Too long!  Tell your friends, tell your family... Why not give Stevie a big welcome back!!

See Stevie Nicks in Virginia Beach for $20,  $25 or $35 depending on where you want to sit!  You're choice!  Great deal!


Vanessa Carlton To Open For Stevie Nicks - 4 Dates

Vanessa Carlton announced last night that she will be opening for Stevie on the following dates:

July 6th – Fox Theatre, Detroit
July 12th – Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
July 14th – Farm Bureau Live, Virginia Beach, VA
July 15th – Borgata Event Center, Atlantic City, NJ

Vanessa is out on the road in support of her fourth album Rabbits on the Run which was released in July, 2011. Amazon

Here's what she said on Facebook

"Sometimes music is a purely spiritual experience.  That's how I feel when I watch Stevie Nicks.  Miss Nicks is her own breed of shaman, and I'm psyched to announce that while she is on tour next month I will open a few shows.  I'm totally honored and excited to see my friends again.  I highly recommend coming out and getting a glimpse.  It’s always inspiring to see a pure artist like Stevie.  As for moi?  I’ll play a little set...mostly stuff from Rabbits, a few ear worms and will test out some new ideas (all with the violinist Skye Steele)."

Vanessa and Stevie have a long history of friendship and musicianship... Vanessa has opened for Stevie a number of times in the US and in Australia in 2005 and 2006.  Stevie appeared on Vanessa's album Heroes & Thieves where she added background vocals to "The One". Vanessa appeared with Stevie on 2009's "Live in Chicago" DVD where they performed "The One".  Most recently, Stevie lent her support to Vanessa in Carlsbad, CA in February, 2011 during The Sunset Sessions, which is a music industry event.

Nice to see her back!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks couldn't be further apart!

Lindsey was spotted today in Hawaii at the Grand Hyatt by Cale Ramaker news achor for KLAS-TV 8 in Las vegas - he ran into Lindsey today.

Stevie just finished up her sold out show at The Beacon in New York City were from all accounts, she owned it!

To quote Sandra Bernhard who attended tonight

"Stevie the shamaness alabaster beauty blew us all away tonight at the Beacon thank you goddess"

No changes to the set list... Tons of pics from the night were sent out by a lot of really generous Tweeters.... Big thanks to you for the live Tweets!! If you follow me on Twitter you were probably overwhelmed by the volume (again) in your own feed... If not, check my feed for all that I RT'd HERE.

Lindsey Photo by: Cale Ramaker | Stevie Photo by: Katie McNamara

Sunday, July 01, 2012

For What It's Worth... Love Is... Stevie Nicks and a pretty intense Moonlight


Not the greatest visual of Stevie on this video below, but it sounds really great!... Stevie, and the band execute this number live near perfectly! 

Both pretty intense songs.. Love the ending of Moonlight!

More footage from this Youtuber Granitedog can be found here


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photos: Stevie Nicks Holmdel, NJ - PNC Bank Arts Center

JUNE 30, 2012

The show just finished in Holmdel and by all accounts, everything remained intact from opening night.  No changes to the setlist - the show opened with Rock & Roll.  From a band positioning perspective, it looks like Bass player Al Ortiz has re-positioned himself next to the piano on the piano riser right behind Carlos Rios.  Maybe someone can confirm whether or not he was there last night. From looking at some of the videos, it doesn't look like it. As for Stevie herself she only went half white for Edge of Seventeen keeping the layered black dress on with the white top.

A lot of really cool shots came through Twitter from the show most notably from uber fan Jeannie Kartis.  She kept it up all night sending a shot through for every tune until her phone battery died... But in the mean time she captured some really spectacular colourful shots.. Here's a number of them.

Check out Jeannie's feed on Twitter for more @jeannie_Kartis. Thank you Jeannie!... Taking and sending out photos to the world takes you away from your show experience, but we really appreciate you doing it!

Here's Annabel Lee from last nights show at Jones Beach

Video: Rhiannon - Stevie Nicks and the wind just make sense! (Jones Beach)



Multiple Videos: Stevie Nicks Live at Jones Beach Theatre - June 29th



 Rock & Roll (clip) | Moonlight | Edge of 17 | Secret Love

NEW Stevie Nicks Merchandise.... PLUS Final Bow Photo - Jones Beach

New Merchandise!
A lot of you are interested in seeing what's new in merchandise this year... Well this kinda sums it up.  Some pretty unique looking items up for grabs... You have a choice between nine T-shirts, black Hoodies, Hats, Magnets plus the In Your Dreams CD.  I particularly like the shirts with a picture of Stevie's own drawing on the front and the one with her and the owl.

Get ready to spend!

Final Bow at Jones Beach
Noticeably absent from the band this year is Lenny Castro, so no percussion player!  Noticeably added to Stevie's band this year is Brett Tuggle (next to Waddy) taking the place of also noticeably absent Ricky Peterson who played Keyboards and has been with Stevie on her last few tours.  Brett was last seen backing up Lindsey in 2011 on his Seeds We Sow Tour... and when not on tour joins Waddy at The Joint in L.A. for some live gigs. Not shown is Al Ortiz... I'm assuming he's standing next to Darrell Smith on the far left.

The Band
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar, Musical Director
Darrell Smith - Piano
Brett Tuggle - Keyboards, Guitar
Carlos Rios - Guitar
Al Ortiz - Bass
Jimmy Paxson - Drums
Lori Nicks - Background Vocals
Sharon Celani - Background Vocals
Steve Real - Vocal Coach

Photo credit: @SteviesSara

22 Front Row Photos: Stevie Nicks Live at Jones Beach Theatre 6/29/12

Wantagh, NY - June 29, 2012 
In Your Dreams Tour 2012 

Photos sent in by @SteviesSara (Thank you)