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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stevie Nicks Question Almost Shuts Down Katy Perry Interview - Video

Katy Perry interviewed by "Sunday Night" on channel 7 - Australia is stunned, or stumped by a question the interviewer Jackie Frank asked when talking about the meaning of Katy's "Roar" asking "So was Stevie Nicks wrong?" Katy with a somewhat blank look on her face asks the question back and Jackie continues by saying "Stevie Nicks felt that "Roar" was about one of your ex's"  At that point someone from the sidelines interjects and the subject is changed.  Video below... Start watching at about 3:20 if you don't want to watch the full clip.

That Stevie... the pot stir'er ;)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Video: @StevieNicks Passes on Wisdom to @KatyPerry Over Tea in London

Katy Perry talking with SiriusXM about inspirations for her new album was asked "who's the most bizarre friend you've made friends with along the way that we wouldn't expect". And Katy speaks about having just become friends with Stevie and just had tea with her in London and tells how Stevie's very kind and a sweet woman and that she passed on little nuggets of wisdom and Katy says she "sees straight right through my soul".  Katy feels honoured that Stevie would take the time for her and that she loves hearing from artists who have gone before her.

Go Stevie!

You may recall a few years ago while Stevie was doing press that she (somewhat) reached out to Katy. When asked during interviews who she would like to work with, Stevie indicated Katy.

Next thing we know... Stevie's doing the voice over for the teaser trailer for one of Katy's singles "The One That Got Away".  Stevie indicated around the time the song made her cry saying it reminded her of "my own life and losses, and of the last fight that Lindsey Buckingham and I had".

The One That Got Away (Teaser Trailer)

Friday, November 11, 2011

X Factor Australia update... Plus The One That Got Away debut.

X Factor Australia are reporting that Stevie will be performing "Secret Love" on this Tuesday nights Results Show.... PLUS she will be mentoring the 4 remaining contestants.

Other performers confirmed for the night are Florence + The Machine who will be singing "Shake It Out" and Ed Sheeran who will perform "The A Team".

Also... Katy Perry's video for "The One That Got Away" will debut TODAY November 11th on the Ellen DeGeneres show... Check your local listings.  Will the full version also have a voice over narrated by Stevie Nicks?  We'll have to wait and see... Not to be... The full video does not include Stevie's voice over.  Still.  Pretty cool that she was included on the preview clip which generated almost 6 million views on Vevo.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Video: Stevie Nicks Voice Over on Katy Perry video for "The One That Got Away"

Well well well... If it isn't Stevie Nicks doing the voice over on this preview of Katy Perry's new video for "The One That Got Away" Awesome!

Stevie did say not that long ago that she wanted to collaborate with Katy on something.. Is this it?

The legendary Stevie Nicks has said several times that she'd like to work with Katy Perry, and now she has.  Katy's rep confirms to ABC News Radio that it's Stevie's voice you hear doing the voiceover in the trailer for Katy's new video, "The One that Got Away."  Stevie will not actually appear in the video, however -- she simply does the voiceover.

In the trailer, Stevie says, with regret, "The past is like a handful of dust.  It filters through your fingers, disappearing, little by little.  I wish for one day, I could go back.  In another life, I would do things differently."  The images from the video show Katy and a guy involved in what appears to be a very intense relationship, but then he's seen storming out the door.  There are also images of someone driving a car, and fingering what looks like a veil or tiara.  Katy is also seen standing by a fence, her back to the camera.  It looks as though she may be dressed in black, with a veil -- is she in mourning?  All will be revealed on November 11, when the full video makes its debut.

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