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Monday, July 19, 2010

@RealStevieNicks Twitter Account is NOT STEVIE NICKS

This will be the last time I post about all this!...

Dave Stewart confirmed late last night with Stevie's Assistant Karen, that the account @RealStevieNicks is an impersonator and neither Stevie, nor Karen sending out the Tweets on the account.

How this all began was Dave Stewart tweeted yesterday answering a question from a fan about Stevie's Twitter account.  Dave stated that the account wasn't Stevie.  Great! 

Then, after calling out Clayton Morris (the creator of Stevie's account) in many Tweets from various fans, Clayton Morris responded on his own Twitter account that it WAS a valid account and that he gave the details to Stevie's team when he created it.  

Next, on the @RealStevieNicks Twitter account we all of a sudden start seeing Tweets from someone who claims to be Karen, Stevie's Assistant apologizing for the confusion yadda yadda yadda... and that she has time to answer some questions for Stevie... The world seemed right at that point, the account was somewhat confirmed to be associated with Stevie - the questions start flying and the answers followed.  People were once again happy and excited that it was Stevie (or Karen).

Then, Dave Stewart Tweets again late last night.  He's said he's on the phone with Stevie's Assistant Karen and again he states that the account @RealStevieNicks IS NOT STEVIE and is NOT KAREN.

So!  The person that created this account Clayton Morris, Anchor for Fox News Channel, a guy who interviewed Stevie in early 2009 for her Live in Chicago DVD, a guy who clearly is a fan of Stevie, needs to be held somewhat responsible for this.

If you follow @RealStevieNicks - you need to UNFOLLOW as it's not her.

Stevie will be apparently be posting a hand written message at some point today - through Dave Stewart's Twitter account no doubt... hopefully she addresses this.  You can follow Dave Stewart, who is the real deal and one cool guy HERE

[edit] Stevie posted a message about Twitter and her new work with Dave Stewart on her official website, The Nicks Fix

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Just under an hour ago Stevie Nicks posted her 3rd Tweet on Twitter (thought it was never going to happen).  Seems she's willing to start to learn how to use the service... YAH!  Please follow her here: RealStevieNicks