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Lindsey Buckingham: Getting Fleetwood Mac Back Together, for One Last Tour

By Andy Threlfall

The tangled web that's the story of Fleetwood Mac is easily one of rock and roll's, well, quirkiest. A once-quintessentially English blues band came to be the sound of California dreaming in the mid-70s when, seemingly washed up and on the verge of permanent disbandment, drummer Mick Fleetwood asked L.A. husband and wife singer-songwriting team Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to join the group in one last desperate throw of the musical dice. The rest was multi-platinum history; Rumours still boasts a place in the top-ten selling albums ever. But while the songs have endured, the addictions, the divorces, the petty band politic chipped away at their legacy for 30 years. Here, a reflective Lindsey Buckingham tries to find new meaning in those lost days of summer, and how being lucky enough to survive them has allowed Fleetwood Mac to get on stage one more time for their 2009 World Tour.

So: how’d this reunion come about?

In 2001, I wrote some material with the intention of putting out a solo album that actually ended up being the last Fleetwood Mac album [2003’s Say You Will]. My album got shelved, and a lot of my songs ended up being used on the Fleetwood Mac album. But I still had a few unfinished songs, so on my last solo album (Gift Of Screws), I was lucky enough to get Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to play on a few of the tracks. That was the start of a new discussion about taking Fleetwood Mac back out on the road in 2009.

Had you tried to dutifully maintain daily contact with the other members of Fleetwood Mac over the last few years?

I wouldn’t say daily. Part of what has allowed Fleetwood Mac to prevail over a long period of time is that we don’t actually maintain daily contact [laughs]. We don’t really keep in close contact per se. I think the very thing that keeps the chemistry so alive in the band and the music so good is because we take each other in small doses. Music is a very potent thing. So: I don’t speak to the others that often, but I had been speaking to them a lot because we were initially planning to do a lot of stuff together. Possibly an album, but definitely a world tour in 2009.

Surely modern methods of communication meant that you were never far from each other’s thoughts?

Of course from time to time I would email Stevie or Mick especially pictures from the kids’ summer holidays. We’re always interested in how our families are growing up. It’s good to just reconnect as human beings. Christine (McVie) wasn’t involved in any shape or form, as she pretty much took permanent leave of the performing world. I don’t want to say that she burned her bridges, [but[ she certainly closed her book on her contact with all of us over here on the west coast, including selling her house in Los Angeles. Shemoved back to England and lives somewhere out in the country, I believe. From what I hear, she’s completely changed her life, and to be honest, she never really enjoyed touring anyway. I think she feels like she had said what she wanted to say within the confines of Fleetwood Mac, whereas the other four of us feel that our artistic lives are still evolving.

Is is a coincidence that it’s usually Fleetwood putting the band back together?

Yes. Mick has a habit of ringing me just when I’m about to put an album out, don’t you think? [laughs] But the politics of Fleetwood Mac have always been a very convoluted thing. On some level, our sensibilities are so vastly different, you could probably even make a case that we should never have actually ended up being in the same band (even though it was that precise synergy that made it work). The politics have got increasingly difficult over the last ten years though. The mantra we need to remember is: we are making our own strides to just be adults, and grow up a little. I think we were all in various forms of arrested development, particularly back in the 70s and 80s, when there was a huge amount of (drugs) in the band.

How intense did the partying get?

I don’t recall one particular dark moment, I think there was just a particular time when I saw a lot of my friends doing what they thought they had to do, particularly in relation to alcohol and drugs. I needed to experience a really solitary existence for a while, and concentrate on my music. The time right before meeting my wife was potentially the time that I would now look back as the darkest, and then I met this woman, and suddenly: I turned a corner. Hopefully, I experienced some good karma there, or something. Fleetwood Mac really did exist within its own little bubble.

Can you recall the scene in it’s most vivid incarnation?

I feel fortunate that we were getting away with all that kind of behavior in an age when there were no such things as camera phones to record the excesses which would then be immediately propelled onto YouTube the next day. I definitely think after Rumours, the success detached itself from the music and it was more about people buying into our personal lives, and that involved bringing out the voyeur in everybody. Had that been today, I think we would have had a much more difficult time coping with the blurred possibilities of drug taking.

How has all that changed this time around?

The only challenge I have now regarding a world tour is that I have three kids, and I don’t want to come home after nine months on the road, and find that my boy’s voice has broken or changed. I want to be there for all of those things now.

You seem content.

I think the main reason we still wanted to go back on the road as Fleetwood Mac is because we still needed to put some kind of closure to the music we made. It really has been so lovely reconnecting with John and Mick in particular, as we’ve known each other a long time, and we’ve all been through things that are too long and too weird to discuss. We have a very special bond, and it’s like getting together with your family again.

Finally Lindsey, can I ask you where, in your many years on the road have you enjoyed visiting the most?

The heritage of the band is, of course, British. So I have immense and deep fondness for the UK. I was recently reminded that when Stevie Nicks and I were asked to join the band, we were also asked—in some sense—to become honorary Brits. I don’t mean this in any derogatory way, but I firmly believe that Christine McVie’s very British blues sensibilities kept us from sounding like just another version of The Eagles. When I joined, they would take me to the public houses of SoHo, and show me places like the 100 Club on Oxford Street where my heroes The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols played. Then back again to the famous Soho pubs like the Coach And Horses on Greek Street where I was ‘converted’ by a time-honoured tradition of of drinking many, many pints of Guinness in the name of the British Empire! When I visit these places again today, the memories are overwhelming. I love that everyone calls it Tin Pan Alley. Even Bill Clinton’s favourite pub—The Portobello Star—brings it all back, especially as seems like only yesterday when we played at his inauguration. I find touring in Europe so rewarding.

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Mick Fleetwood gathers friends for special shows

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer Mick Fleetwood is back home and ready to rock the Valley Isle during his break between worldwide tour dates with the illustrious “supergroup,” Fleetwood Mac.

“Lindsey [Buckingham] and John [McVie] say I must be crazy to play during the break, but it’s so much fun and I get to pay tribute to fellow musicians,” said Mick. “I’m very lucky to still be a working musician and still play drums like a maniac.”

Strap on your dancing shoes for two exceptional nights of entertainment on Friday, Sept. 11, at Stella Blues Café and again on Sunday, Sept. 13, at the Royal Lahaina Resort.

Thanks to the managing skills of William Reeve Pié, and the cooperation of local musicians and venues, these gigs were efficiently thrown together quite quickly.

Billed as The Mick Fleetwood Band, the drummer extraordinaire has invited his blues band buddies to perform, which includes his musical partner-in-crime, slide/lead guitarist Rick Vito, the big personality and bass lines of Lenny Castellanos, and entertaining keyboardist Mark Johnstone.

The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band’s latest live performance release, Blue Again (Savoy), reveals a bouquet of timeless songs, and few new tunes, that celebrate the British blues-era and sound of the all-male, original Fleetwood Mac from 40 years ago.

“We’ll be doing a blend of my blues band and add some extremely talented guests,” said Mick.

Look forward to powerful performances from Eric Gilliom and Gretchen Rhodes of Island Rumours, the constantly evolving band Mick put together of Maui talent in 2006.

A few surprise acts are probable, with Barry Flanagan of HAPA already lined up for the West Side event.

“We just have a lot of fun,” said Mick, pleasantly. “Should be a couple of great shows.”

These showcases will feature band originals, some favorite Fleetwood Mac classics, and a retrospect from the early blues days of the band, along with amazing performances from an impressive lineup.

The Stella Blues’ show will mark the first big show at the venue since the passing of its cofounder Ray Ennis, who was not only an old friend of Mick’s from the Grateful Dead days, but also an avid supporter of music here on Maui and beyond. It was a dream of his to have acts like these there.

“It was quite shocking and sad when I found out about Ray — life is strange,” said Mick. “I was away at the time, so this is my tribute to him to put on a great show at his place and donate to something he felt strongly about.”

Tickets for Friday, Sept. 11, are $30; $25 in advance. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Hospice Maui, Ennis’ favorite nonprofit. Call 874-3779 for more information.

Enjoy sunset on the beach and a groovy night under the stars at the Royal Lahaina show on Sunday, Sept. 13, for $40; $35 in advance. Dinner and special VIP packages are available. Call the Royal Lahaina Resort at 661-3611 for reservations.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit A Makebelieve Company’s new “Save the Arts” program, which strives to inspire and educate our youth through music and the arts.

“I feel very strongly about focusing music and arts in the schools,” said Mick. “Music saved my personal integrity as a child, and I’m living testimony how being creatively clever can take you a long way.”

Check out anytime to get your Fleetwood fix.

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Interviewed by Dominic Bowden of TVNZ

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Interviewed by Dominic Bowden of TVNZ

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[First of all, these time zones are going to kill me!... I almost forgot to listen live to this interview this morning, or afternoon... Actually, I was listening today (Tuesday the 8th), but it was already the morning of the 9th in New Zealand - hense the title of the post]

Tim from Easy Mix 98.2 in New Zealand interviewed Lindsey Buckingham this morning (09.09.09)

Lindsey spoke about why he's never been happier, what his wife thinks of his on stage chemistry with Stevie Nicks, what he considers to be his best achievement in regards to producing Stevie and Christine's songs, how he surprised Michael Jackson in a toilet in 1985 while recording "We Are The World", and his connection with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

He also spoke about how the band really wants to keep this going and not take such long breaks between projects... Another album of new material is still being talked about, along with bringing in a new producer to work with the band - which was nice to hear. Sadly he never mentioned, nor was he asked, about the Rumours CD/DVD that was reported to be coming out this year to coincide with the Unleashed Tour.

You can stream both parts of his interview this morning at the Easy Mix website, or you can download it here if you're like me and you like to keep this stuff.

Interview length about 16 minutes.

Also, in early October Tim will interview Mick Fleetwood - the man who's drumming has provided the beat for every Fleetwood Mac song from Albatross to Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way to Little Lies, Dreams to Tusk, Gypsy to Sara.



Second show added - December 20, 2009 - ON SALE NOW!

Ticket Prices:

NZ $120.00

Allocated Seating - GOLD
NZ $320.00

Allocated Seating - SILVER
NZ $250.00

TSB Bowl of Brooklands, New Plymouth - SUNDAY December 20th 2009 Andrew McManus Presents is pleased to announce a second show on Sunday December 20th due to overwhelming demand. 'As promoter of this tour, even I am amazed at how quickly the first show sold out in New Plymouth and am proud to be able to announce a second concert, which will be the bands last show of their Unleashed World tour - a fitting completion to their sold out world tour and great way to finish for the fantastic New Zealand fans at such a beautiful venue as the New Plymouth Bowl' Following on the heels of their hugely successful 55-city sold out North American tour, Fleetwood Mac - Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie - will bring their 'Unleashed' tour to New Zealand for a two-hour plus celebration of all the greatest hits from undoubtedly one of the most enduring, celebrated and influential rock groups of all time.

Don't miss the chance to see this extraordinary, iconic band in what promises to be one of the musical highlights of the year. NEW PLYMOUTH, TSB BOWL OF BROOKLANDS


From Ticketmaster, or 0800-111-999

Fleetwood Mac have added a second concert to their visit to New Plymouth in December after the first one sold out in minutes.

Having played a 55-date, sold-out tour in North America, the band had committed to a single New Zealand show on December 19 at the Bowl of Brooklands.

Promoter Andrew McManus Presents said demand for tickets at the 18,000 seat venue was overwhelming and the second show had been scheduled for the following night.


Speculation a Second New Plymouth
show might be added

Tickets for Fleetwood Mac go on sale today but if you do not have a credit card you are out of luck.

Tickets for the one-off New Zealand show, to be held on December 19 at New Plymouth's TSB Bowl of Brooklands, will only be available online and over the phone.

Payment can only be made by credit card through Ticketmaster's website or its freephone number 0800 111 999. Fleetwood fans can pay by cash or eftpos at a Ticketmaster outlet, but Taranaki's closest is in Palmerston North.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert went on sale last Friday and have sold out.

New Plymouth District Council's manager of business development and events Garry Sharpe-Young said it was the show's promoter who decided to have ticket sales through Ticketmaster despite it not having an outlet in New Plymouth.

"We need to get the message out that tickets will not be at the TSB Showplace box office," Mr Sharpe-Young said. "They are all being sold online or on the freephone."

People would turn up at the TSB Showplace because that was where they traditionally bought them, he said.

Tickets go on sale at 9am and are $120 for general admission, $250 for silver and $320 for gold.

The New Plymouth show is the group's only New Zealand concert and is expected to sell out in minutes today.

There is speculation a second New Plymouth show might be added.

In recent months other big international acts including Foo Fighters, AC/DC and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have all announced second shows after huge demand.

The New Plymouth show is the last of a world tour by Fleetwood Mac. The group has performed in the United States and is touring Europe, with all the United Kingdom shows selling out.


CD Review for Blue Again - by J. Blake
American Blues Blog

In 2008, in the midst of Fleetwood Mac’s 40th anniversary, drummer Mick Fleetwood decided that it was time to revisit the blues years and took to the road with formidable blues line-up, fronted by onetime Fleetwood Mac guitarist/singer Rick Vito and accompanied by bassist Lenny Castellanos & keyboardist Mark Johnstone. The mostly live album BLUE AGAIN was recorded in February of 2008 at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Lois, MO and features an even blend of Peter Green classics and bluesy Rick Vito originals; with a blistering encore of Elmore James’ Shake Your Moneymaker. In the CD’s liner notes Fleetwood explains, “Over my career I've been called a pop star and a rock star, yet in my inner heart, I will always be part bluesman. On my journey from blues to a life of rock n roll, I've always remembered where I started.”

Also, the word on the street is that a companion DVD of this 2008 performance will be released this fall.

Read the full CD Review


Drive with David Iliffe

What's the pride and joy in your music collection? Could it be Fleetwood Mac's 1977 release, "Rumours"?

The album was one of the highest sellers in the world. In fact, it had 31 weeks at number 1 on the US Billboard charts.

The band has just announced that they are touring Australia in December, so I thought it was fitting to pull out this album for the first in our series of "Must Have Music".

Every fortnight, our music man on Drive Col Clifford will join me for a yarn about what albums should appear in every good music fan's record collection. Listen to why this one should be included below.


Dominic Bowden of TVNZ Interviews

Stevie Nicks Gets Frank:
TVNZ Link #1 (Stream Video)

Stevie Nicks Close Up:
TVNZ Link #2 (Stream Video)

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[new on youtube]

March 13, 2009 - Uniondale, N.Y. (Nassau Coliseum)

March 23, 2009 Ottawa, Canada (Scotiabank Place)

(Wow! Is it just me, or does this crowd seem a little calm?)

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A multi disc set of recordings drawn from thirty years of live performances. The collection brings together material from 1978 - 2007 culled from hundreds of hours of live concert recordings covering every era of Tom Petty and The Hearbreakers' tours and represents the best tracks as chosen by producers Tom Petty, Mike Cambell and Ryan Ulyate.

Along with powerful interpretations of their own classic hits and originals, The Live Anthology features the band tackling some of their best-loved cover material, from classics to obscure beauties to unexpected adaptations. The theme from Goldfinger, the Zombies' "I Want You Back Again", the Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil", early Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well", Booker T. and the MGs "Green Onions", James Brown's "Good, Good Lovin'" and many more. The Live Anthology is the band's story told through the music alone, the producers made no fixes or overdubs.

No Release Date Announced.

Continue to Tom Petty's site for the full announcement.


Just watched Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "Runnin' Down a Dream Documentary".... Really great stuff! it's full of rare old footage of the band right from the beginning. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it. The Documentary chronicles the history of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Petty’s epic battles with the record industry along with his collaborations with Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Roger McGuinn and the Traveling Wilburys.

One segment I cut out is with Tom describing how it came to be that Stevie recorded "Stop Draggin My Heart Around". This video includes Tom and Stevie in the recording studio putting the vocals on the track, Jimmy Iovine talking about how he knew the song was going to be a winner with Stevie singing a song from a guys perspective... and of course Stevie herself commenting on the song.