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(Video) New Footage of Stevie Nicks Eonline... Talks "Glee" Tribute + "In Your Dreams" #stevienicks

The singer spills exclusive details about the hit show's Fleetwood Mac episode--and what she thought of Gwyneth Paltrow's "Landslide" cover!

Stevie Nicks, her 1st CD in 10 years, & it’s a whole lot better than you might have assumed

Stevie Nicks – In Your Dreams 
Mike Conklin published on May 2, 2011

Jesus, this is turning out to be a weird week for new records, isn’t it? Also, doesn’t it seem like there should already be a Fleetwood Mac record named In Your Dreams? Regardless, it is, in fact, a brand new solo album from the inimitable Stevie Nicks, her first in 10 years, and it’s a whole lot better than you might have assumed. She’s still doing her standard mystical romantic thing, which would be straight-up unbearable were her voice not still in fine shape.

(Review) Stevie Nicks – In Your Dreams #stevienicks

Stevie Nicks, the onetime opener for Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and CCR, who later became a core member of Fleetwood Mac, just released her first solo studio album in ten years, In Your Dreams. One of the first impressions of the LP is that it’s a high-fidelity production, more along the lines of mainline rock releases from the best eighties studios than what we’d expect from such a folk mainstay. Occasionally this works against her strengths – I’ve always found Nicks to be at her strongest when her usually top-notch lyrics and fingerpicking are front and center, away from the steady rock beat a full band provides. To this end, tracks like “Ghosts Are Gone” and “In Your Dreams” have much more of a Pat Benetar feel to them than I’m used to – or, frankly, than I’d like. This isn’t entirely unfaithful to her sound, however, so enthusiasts of her Eighties period may still have parts to like. Overall, I did find there to be a bit too many steady, relatively uninteresting standard rock beats backing her comparatively excellent words.

And it’s the words that really make In Your Dreams. Nicks draws from a variety of sources, from vampire tales (“Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream),” which despite the inspiration manages to be quite un-Twilight-y) to Jean Rhys (“Wide Sargasso Sea”), to the excellent “Annabel Lee,” after the titular Edgar Allen Poe tale. Her sense of narrative is excellent, and even on the more musically pedestrian tracks she manages to lyrically hook the listener in. The best track is the softer “Secret Love,” which she actually wrote back in 1976. In Your Dreams isn’t all at that level, but if you like what she’s put out, it’s worth getting. And a couple tracks are worth listening to regardless of your tastes.

Written by Jimmy

Stevie Nicks Cancels Performance and Celebration of First CD in a Decade

Follow Stevie Nicks on Twitter... and send her best wishes for a speedy recovery.  If you are on Twitter..use #stevienicks to celebrate Stevie and her new album release.


Rock's Reigning Queen Suffering From Pneumonia

NEW YORK, May 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Stevie Nicks, whose highly anticipated new CD "In Your Dreams" - scheduled to be released tomorrow May 3rd, has had to cancel several upcoming appearances in New York due to coming down with pneumonia and the flu. Her doctor informed her over the weekend that she needed to "stay in bed and not fly" until she gets better. Nicks was scheduled to perform at a star studded event thrown in her honor by her record label Reprise Records at NY's Webster Hall on May 4th and was also planning on appearing on the Today Show and Good Day NY on May 3rd.

"I want to apologize to all my fans and hope that we can reschedule and of course I hope you love the new album. It's for you," commented Nicks.

"The gypsy queen is in royal form on 'In Your Dreams' — it's not just her first album in 10 years, it's her finest collection of songs since the Eighties," commented Rolling Stone in its review of Nicks' new CD.

For more information, please contact:
Liz Rosenberg
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Liz Rosenberg Media

[ I'm a little shocked.... Get well Stevie! ]

Digest: Stevie Nicks Cancels Shows
Rollingstone Magazine

Stevie Nicks has canceled a string of appearances in New York because she has come down with pneumonia and the flu. Nicks was set to appear on the Today Show, Good Day NY and a concert at Webster Hall. "I want to apologize to all my fans and hope that we can reschedule and of course I hope you love the new album. It’s for you," Nicks said in a statement.

(Review) Stevie Nicks New Album Full of Gothic Romance & Literary Influence

Currently # 2 in Music on Amazon....
by megwinkler

Rock & Roll’s gypsy queen Stevie Nicks releases her newest solo album tomorrow. In Your Dreams is classic Nicks, complete with mystical romance and already released music videos featuring murky forests, white horses, and fanged maidens. And in true Nicks fashion, these tracks will get you dreamily swaying along within the first few bars.

Nicks found fame in the seventies when she joined Fleetwood Mac with then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. In 1977, the band released Rumors to rave reviews, and the rest is – as they say – musical history. In 1981, Nicks began a solo career, of which In Your Dreams is number seven.

In Your Dreams Tracklist:
1) Secret Love
2) For What It’s Worth
3) In Your Dreams
4) Wide Sargasso Se
5) New Orleans
6) Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)
7) Annabel Lee
8) Soldier’s Angel
9) Everybody Loves You
10) Ghosts Are Gone
11) You May Be The One
12) Italian Summer
13) Cheaper Than Free

Nicks’s vocals are still strong despite her years behind the mic. Her subjects are achingly romantic, in that sort of hippie chick/earth child kind of way. While the format and sounds of her album are familiar, the record still has some pleasant surprises. “Moonlight – A Vampire’s Dream” was inspired by the film adaptation for New Moon of the Twilight franchise. “Annabel Lee,” which has been circulating the internet since the nineties, is drawn from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem of the same name. “Secret Love” was written in 1976, a year before Rumors hit. Who knew?

With gothic influences and fairytale lyrics, Stevie Nicks once again proves that she is the Queen of Rock & Roll. Catch In Your Dreams May 3rd.

Bin Laden is dead, but Stevie Nicks is very much with us. Her new album "In Your Dreams" is out this week

Web users more interested in new Stevie Nicks CD than news of bin Laden's death?

Will someone with knowledge of what constitutes an Internet “trend” please explain why Stevie Nicks was trending higher than “bin Laden dead” on Yahoo just fours hours after President Obama announced the killing of the most notorious terrorist of the past decade?

Stevie Nicks was the No. 1 trending term on Yahoo around 12:15 a.m. Pacific Time on May 2, as the image with this report shows.

Now, The Punditty Project loves Stevie Nicks as much as the next 40-something American raised on FM radio in the 1970s, but why should there be more interest in her right now, at this particular moment in time, than in the death of Osama bin Laden?

As far as I can tell, it might be because she has released a new album, “In Your Dreams.”

It was a big night for the U.S. military and President Obama, but in some ways, apparently, it was a bigger night for Stevie Nicks. But will it translate into sales? Stay tuned.

[ I call it Karma for taking the wind out of her "Trouble In Shangri-La" sails in 2001 ]

Lindsey Buckingham... New Album This September... Check out "Seeds We Sow" (New Video)

(Review) The bewitching, beguiling, mysterious, enchanting Stevie Nicks has been busy of late

Stevie Nicks, “In Your Dreams” (Warner Bros. Records) * * * stars

The bewitching, beguiling, mysterious, enchanting Stevie Nicks has been busy of late, touring with her band Fleetwood Mac, touring on her own with Rod Stewart and now releasing this solo album that she’s worked on for a year with Dave Stewart, formerly of Eurythmics.

It’s nevertheless Nicks’ first new solo album in a decade, one that plays to her strengths, from singing about regrets in the opener “Secret Love,” to shimmering her way through the very nostalgic “For What It’s Worth,” and embracing every bit of her 1970’s and ‘80’s mythical image in the thickly layered “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dreams).”

It’s always interesting to hear Nicks offer reflections of her infamously tattered relationship/enduring friendship with Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham as she does in “Everybody Loves You,” but unfortunately in this case, the track is pretty drab. And that’s a problem with several cuts on “In Your Dreams,” which aims high but frequently comes up short in terms of the songwriting.

Still – and despite the fact that so many artists have written about the city lately – her tale “New Orleans” is better than most of the others, and the tougher “Soldier’s Angel,” offers a grittier side to Nicks than she typically reveals.

Musical guests on the album include Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Stewart, Glen Ballard, Mike Campbell and others.

This Kula abode is where Mick Fleetwood unscrews up

Rock Meets Mountain 
This Kula abode is where Mick Fleetwood unscrews up. 
Maui Magazine

“We’re going to ‘the boys’ house,’” says the six-foot-six drummer, namesake and driving force of that rock-music turbulence famously known as Fleetwood Mac. We have rendezvoused at the Kula Lodge Restaurant, and Mick is devouring a hamburger, talking all the while. Upcountry fog has piled against the mountain, and the windows of the restaurant show nothing but opaque silver-gray. Then rain begins pounding. Mick has just driven his middle-aged BMW all the way from Napili, where he spent the day on the telephone talking with “somebody” about creating a reality TV show.

He’s imagining something “fun and entertaining—a rock-and-roll version of John Cleese; you know, Fawlty Towers.” But he worries about the risks involved with television exposure. “If you’ve built a mystique over thirty years, you can kiss your ass goodbye in one show.” He takes another chomp out of the burger.

At age almost 64, Mick has outgrown some of his customary shagginess, his beard now white and neatly trimmed, his long hair reduced by time to an unobtrusive pigtail. Is this hyperactive Brit finally ready to let go and vegetate by the sea?

“I can’t think of anything worse than not doing anything,” he says. (Chomp.) He talks about wanting to start a new Front Street club that will reincarnate the old Blue Max, a Lahaina nightspot that he and other drop-in rockers (Elton John, David Bowie . . .) used to frequent in the 1970s. Besides occasional reunion gigs with heyday band mates such as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, he leads a couple of on-again/ off-again bands—the Island Rumours Band with a raft of Maui all-stars, and the Grammy-nominated Mick Fleetwood Blues Band. He’s a two-fisted tom-tom pounder, one of those drummers who hold both sticks like wrecking hammers. But most rock drummers are content to go bang-bang in the background. Mick has always had the drive to put his drum kit in front of the band, to produce and conceive and lead, to get things done. There’s no way that the allure of Napili sunsets and mai tais would ever lull this guy into anything like relaxation.

Read the full article at Maui Magazine

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Stevie Nicks Week +

What's coming up for Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac 

  • May 3rd: Stevie Performs on the Today Show. 
  • May 3rd: In Your Dreams Released in stores and online (North America)
  • May 3rd: Glee's "Rumours" Episode airs on FOX Tuesday. Check local Listings. 
  • May 4th: Stevie performs at Webster Hall in New York City. 
  • May 6th: Night of a Thousand Stevie's Event in NYC (Stevie does not appear). 
  • May 6th: Stevie performs at The Borgata in Atlantic City. 


May 10th: Stevie Nicks appears on Ellen

Reported, but Unconfirmed:
Stevie is reportedly appearing on Dancing With The Stars in May.


Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) Interviewed Stevie Wednesday April 27th at her home. He reported that the interview will be shared this week.

Howard Cohen (@HowardCohen) Features Writer for The Miami Herald has a piece on the Heart and Soul Tour and In Your Dreams coming out Tuesday in People Radar.

Extra TV (@JerryPenacoli) Interviewed Stevie Nicks April 27th at her home. No info on when the Extra TV interview will air - but it will likely show up on TV this week.

Robert Burke Warren (@RBWUncleRock) conducted an interview with Stevie Nicks sometime shortly after April 18th. The Q&A will appear in an upcoming issue of New York Magazine.

Jessica Pilot (@JessicaPilot212) a New York City based Freelance Writer with her work appearing in Vanity Fair, Glamour, New York Magazine among others Tweeted May 1st that she is about to interview Stevie Nicks. No information on where the interview will be published, but has said she will keep us posted as to when and where.

(Review) Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

A new solo album from rock legend and beloved quasi-mystical figure Stevie Nicks should be cause for celebration. From a year's worth of tweets by producer Dave Stewart to a predictably fawning Rolling Stone profile, the lead-up to Nicks's In Your Dreams has certainly built a fever-pitched level of anticipation among the singer's die-hard fans. But In Your Dreams indulges in some of Nicks's worst tendencies as a songwriter and is slathered in chintzy, dated production values.....

Full Review at Slant Magazine
Stevie Nicks  "In Your Dreams" *  ½

Only misfire are some critics. Fans 'get' Nicks!

NICK OF TIME - Stevie Nicks Full Page Article in today's New York Post

Stevie Nicks Still Hooked on Fleetwood Mac
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