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Check out Lindsey Buckingham's Gear! via Premier Guitar

For all you 'gear' enthusiasts out there... Check this out.  From Premier Guitar.

Jason Shadrick is on location in Iowa City, IA, at the Englert Theatre where he catches up with Lindsey Buckingham's tech Stanley Lamendola to find out with he's using on his current solo tour. The gear includes a collection of custom Rick Turner guitar, Taylor Acoustics, amps from Fishman, Trace Elliot, Mesa, and SWR, while hosting just a few Boss pedals on his pedalboard.

More at Premier Guitar

Stevie Nicks Releases Statement: ‘Truly Sorry’ For Saying She Would Have ‘Strangled’ Nicki Minaj

Stevie Nicks ‘Truly Sorry’ For Saying She Would Have ‘Strangled’ Nicki Minaj

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- Stevie Nicks is apologizing after she lashed out at Nicki Minaj.

The former Fleetwood Mac singer, who was a mentor last season on “American Idol,” was asked about the recent blowup between new “Idol” judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, and Stevie had some strong words for the new “Idol” judge.

“How dare this little girl!… If I had been Mariah I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there,” the 64-year-old rocked told The when asked about Minaj. “I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it.”

Now, Nicks regrets her comments and says they came after a grueling day with the media.

“I want to apologize for my remarks about Nicki Minaj’s behavior toward Mariah Carey which I said during a long and exhausting day of interviews. It was very out of character for me and I deeply regret what I said,” she said in a statement released to Access Hollywood.

Adding, “I feel very protective toward Mariah Carey who has gone through many difficulties in her life and I spoke without thinking. I think all artists should be respectful toward one another and that includes me. I am truly sorry.”

A rep for Minaj was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Access Hollywood on Wednesday.

-- Jesse Spero
Access Hollywood via Liz Rosenberg Media

IT HAPPENED: 33 Years Ago Today! L.A. declared this Fleetwood Mac Day. Group received Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

October 10th in 1979, 33 years ago - Mayor Tom Bradley of the city of Los Angeles declared this Fleetwood Mac Day as the group received its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  And the group's new album "Tusk" was unveiled at a record-company party that night.

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Film Review: In Your Dreams Stevie Nicks + Submit Your Questions For Stevie Flicknation Interview

In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks Film Review
The Hollywood Reporter
by John DeFore

Stevie Nicks and producer Dave Stewart co-direct a diary about the album they made together.

THE HAMPTONS, NEW YORK — A diaristic doc whose appeal is limited strictly to megafans, In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks chronicles the collaboration between Nicks and Eurythmics member Dave Stewart on the 2011 album of the same name. A raucous premiere here (with viewers applauding after every song) suggests Nicks has enough admirers to fill special screenings here and there, but the film is best suited to a CD/DVD Collectors' Edition package.

Nicks and Stewart share directing credit on the film, displaying an enthusiasm for effects -- from filters to fisheye lenses -- that sometimes exacerbates the choppiness of Shane Mclafferty's editing. Their stylistic flourishes fit more smoothly in the music video-like sequences scattered throughout, where 19th-century costumes and the occasional vampire or magician matches the music's mood.

The film opens "somewhere in Southern California," where Nicks has decided to set up mikes in the middle of her sprawling old house and spend the better part of a year piecing a record together with Stewart and some other old friends. Having handed Stewart a book full of writings (she uses the word "poems" pretty loosely), the two collaborate on making songs from them; the film gives each track its own bit of screen time, whether it was inspired by a long-ago post-rehab romance ("For What It's Worth") or is little more than an aural book report about "Wide Sargasso Sea."

This may suit devotees, but more casual fans will wish for a movie that doesn't assume we already know everything there is to know about the singer's career. Only one brief tangent on her childhood makes its way onscreen, and there's almost no talk of her early solo outings or her heyday with Fleetwood Mac. (An enjoyable bit of keyboard noodling on "Dreams" is as close as we get to the glory days.) Old bandmates Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham do drop by to record on new songs, though, and we are treated to a funny story about the time Nicks tried to steal a Mike Campbell tune that became Tom Petty's "Runaway Trains."
Though unconvinced viewers may snort when Nicks compares herself to Bob Dylan or treats lyrics scribbled on hotel stationery like relics of great import, we do see things partly explaining her success: Knowing she's not getting what she wants during a track's playback, she proves to have remembered one of Stewart's guitar solos better than he himself does.

Production Company: Weapons of Mass Entertainment
Directors-Executive Producers: Dave Stewart, Stevie Nicks
Producers: Dave Stewart, Paul Boyd
Director of photography: Paul Boyd
Editor: Shane Mclafferty
Sales: John Beug
No rating, 100 minutes

On 'IN YOUR DREAMS' Documentary

Sound Waves TV on the west coast will be interviewing Stevie tomorrow (Oct 10) about the new documentary and are asking fans "what's on your mind"... Ask Stevie a question.

Think about it.. Check out what others have put forth and submit your question on the Sound Waves TV Facebook page

It will soon be available on their Flick Nation radio show. 

(Weekly 1-hour talk show; hosted by Willis, and featuring Steve Wagner, Kevin Tripp and "Man in Hollywood" Steven Kirk). It's wall-to-wall insider news, rumors, deals, reviews and attitude! Available on Stitcher Smart Radio, iTunes,, and   Flicknation on Facebook

ARRIVAL PHOTOS: Stevie Nicks at Led Zeppelin "Celebration Day" Film Premiere NYC

Stevie Nicks arrives for the Premiere of Led Zeppelin's film "Celebration Day" in New York
October 9, 2012


NYDaily News

Fleetwood Mac is famous for drug-addled affairs between band members. But at the Hamptons Film Festival premiere of “In Your Dreams,” a documentary about the making of her 2011 album of the same name, Stevie Nicks told Confidenti@l she has no plans to write a juicy tell-all.

“I’m never going to write that kind of book,” Nicks (above) said. “If I do anything, it will be just vignettes of the magical moments of my life.”

Go your own way, Stevie!

Enhanced Buzz
See how one quote can take on a life of it's own? Huge amount of on-line press with Stevie's remarks towards Nicki Minaj (some of it below).

But I have to admit, some of the headlines from today are pretty hilarious!  It's debatable whether the saying "All Press is Good Press" applies... 

Stevie has since released a statement through her publicist Liz Rosenberg retracted what she said 

“I want to apologize for my remarks about Nicki Minaj’s behavior toward Mariah Carey which I said during a long and exhausting day of interviews. It was very out of character for me and I deeply regret what I said. I feel very protective toward Mariah Carey who has gone through many difficulties in her life and I spoke without thinking. I think all artist should be respectful toward one another and that includes me. I am truly sorry.” 
- Stevie Nicks

AMERICAN Idol execs can thank their lucky stars they didn't hire Stevie Nicks as a judge: explaining an on-air strangling to the censors would have been difficult.

Couriermail - Australia

Nicks, who was coach for the contestants last season, weighed into the on-air feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, telling The Daily that she would have sent Minaj to the place where the rooms are permanently on fire if she had been in Carey's shoes.

Stevie Nicks Says She Wants to Literally Murder Nicki Minaj

Following news of the weirdly boring/probably fake feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, itinerant fortune teller Stevie Nicks decided she should probably jump in. NATURALLY. And her words for Minaj were not pretty.

"I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it," the former Fleetwood Mac star promised.

Stevie added that normally she would have just gone with a bat-bogey hex or a jelly-legs jinx, but unfortunately she had her wand confiscated by the Wizengamot for violating the International Statute of Secrecy. So, manual strangulation it was. Then she ran out of polyjuice potion and turned back into Professor Trelawney. The end.

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Photos | Video: Stevie Nicks Pleasantville Documentary Screening & Q&A

Stevie Nicks - Jacob Burns Film Center
In Your Dreams Screening and Q&A
 Photo above by @stacyknows and below @DailyMonroe

Owly Images Owly Images
Photos above by R_in_burbs

Watch the interview on youtube in six parts.
Thank you Granitedog!

Couple of interesting points other then everything Stevie talked about.
° She'll be attending the NYC premiere of Celebration Day, the Led Zepplin film that chronicles the band’s 2007 reunion concert at London’s 02 Arena.  The premiere takes place at the Ziegfeld Theater on Tuesday night.  And according to what she said at today's Q&A she'll be with the Zepplin boys.
° Stevie does not like the fact that Ken Caillat wrote his book "Making Rumours".  She feels it's not his place to tell their (Fleetwood Mac's) story and said that she refused to take his numerous calls where he was calling to interview her on 'her' story. 
° Also, Stevie confirmed that Fleetwood Mac go into rehearsals at the end of February, 2013.

Recap | Photos | Video: An Afternoon With Stevie Nicks + In Your Dreams Screening + Stevie Backstage

Full Hour Conversation with Stevie Nicks
Hampton International Film Festival
A couple of things Stevie touched on during the Q&A session in Sag Harbor was that she just did a thing for iHeart Radio and mentioned that they listened to the playback to see if they wanted to tweak it prior to it being aired.  I'm not a subscriber to iHeart Radio, so if anyone is, keep your ears peeled for when this is supposed to air, or maybe it already has.  Also, she mentioned that she has two more gigs coming up something on Halloween and the Elton John benefit.  We know about the Elton John benefit in NYC on Oct 15th, and we know about the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai Gala she's performing at on November 13th, but the Halloween thing.  It's apparently in San Francisco Oct 31st.  It's likely another corporate or private gig.

Backstage with Stevie Nicks

An Afternoon With Stevie Nicks + In Your Dreams Screening
Sag Harbor, NY - October 7 , 2012
By: Val

For those that weren't able to attend yesterday, I thought I’d write down highlights I remember. For Stevie fans, it was truly a dream come true to see her in this setting.

She was charming, captivating, classy, candid, honest and the best part, hilarious! What a great sense of humor she has. She spoke of things we have read in previous interviews, how the writing process started with Dave, how she’d never written with anyone else before. Even if she had collaborated, it was done thru Campbell sending her tracks and her putting the lyrics to it, never in the same room with the co-writer. She talked about how easy it was to work with Dave as it was never argumentative, as it could be with Lindsey. She described the whole creation of the album as being so magical, which we were later to see in the documentary, magical indeed....oh to be a fly on the wall in that house!!

She told a story of Lindsey trying to tell her it was in bad form to change from first to second person tense in the middle of writing a song, and it was more like a lecture than a suggestion and how that is why she could never write with him as she does not like being told what to do! It was very funny, and the audience was hanging on her every word. You would never tell that to Bob Dylan, she told him. She also spoke on how it was Lindsey’s working on Soldier’s Angel that really brought them to a good place, prior to that, is was still a war going on.

As someone said, she spoke about after they lost the Grammy for The Dance, she said that Lindsey was upset about that, and it was right after that that Christine said she “was done” and Stevie said by the look on her face it was that look that you get when someone breaks up with you, when you know there are no if ands or buts, it is done. She also stated that Christine over time had been in a band since she was 14 I think and over time, she had become really afraid of flying, extreme panic attacks, and could not do it any longer because of that. She said that they were done touring the US for The Dance and could have easily toured Europe, Australia etc., but it would have required a lot of flights and that Christine just could not do it any longer.

An audience member asked her if she’d write a memoir, and she stated that she was not interested in writing about the dark stuff, if you want to read that, there are plenty of articles from the 70’s that cover that. She said she’d would like to cover the highlights in a book, vignettes of things that were highlights of her life, the first time she saw a private jet just for Fleetwood Mac, the first time she put on one of her beautiful dresses, men that had touched her life, some of her drawings and poetry, things like that. She thought it was un-classy that in Heart’s newly released bio, they have a story in there of doing coke with Stevie that she said was a private moment and as much as she loves them as artists, she was not pleased that they chose to write about it.

For those of us worried she might slow down, rest assured, she spoke of starting with Fleetwood Mac in March 2013, writing more songs, and will continue her solo career as well. An audience member asked if she’d ever do a stripped down tour, just guitar and piano and she spoke about having so many songs that are never done live, and how it would be nice to go out and do a few minutes of songs that blend together and she sang a medley of Bella Donna, Wild Heart and Rock a Little, the crowd melted with that. After the film Q&A she brought it up again, saying it would be nice to do in a small setting with old video clips playing in a surround setting on the walls, and then joked about having no computer skills and having all these high tech ideas.

The film was absolutely exquisite. They showed clips and photos of Fleetwood Mac in the 70’s, pix of her and her family as a toddler, teen, etc. In the beginning there is a montage of clips from fans at concerts, talking about why we love her so. Then we see Dave knocking on her door and coming in to start the record. They broke down I think, every song on the record, showed how it was created, from start to finish and then music video type beautiful clips for each. They show actual video that she shot with friends from the balcony in Italy for Italian Summer, a fireworks display in the evening and then a storm coming in over the sea that was absolutely incredible. There were a lot of tough moments to watch where you could hear audience members crying, New Orleans showed a lot of the brutal footage of Katrina with people dead in the street, starving and suffering, and then she explained how that drove her to the piano to write that song. Same for Soldiers Angel, actual footage of a soldier she had visited in a coma in a very critical state, and then she told afterwards how he survived and attended her show in Boston this past summer, very very touching. Each song had approx. a 10 minute piece devoted to it, and the audience would applaud after each segment.

The fan clips were great, one of the women, Miriam was in the audience, and Stevie gave her the Wayne’s World, we’re not worthy bow from the stage in the Q & A, a moment, I am sure she will remember forever. A soldier’s clip on how her album saved him and helped him cope while serving, listening to it every day, very touching. There were so many great moments, it would take me all day to write it all. The best was really seeing Stevie reveling in her status of Rock and Roll Queen and legend, the stories told, the work accomplished and the life that she has lead on her own terms, her own rules, incredibly smart, strong, creative, and so so funny. We were all in awe, I’ll never forget it. There is magic.....all around you...... every time you walk in the room.

Thank you Val for your write-up/photos and for sending it in!

After the screening Dave and Stevie spoke to the audience 
in the theatre and took questions.
Watch Video #2 
AND, if you missed the Audience Q&A Prior to the film screening, you can check it out here
and watch Stevie speak about Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham here

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STEVIE NICKS Unveils 'In Your Dreams" Documentary TODAY in The Hamptons

Another piece of the "In Your Dreams" puzzle comes together today (October 7, 2012) when Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart gather at the Sag Harbor Cinema in Sag Harbor, NY at 3pm to unveil their highly anticipated documentary on the making of Stevie's last album "In Your Dreams".

Stevie Nicks fans have traveled from far and wide to be some of the first in the world to see the premiere of the documentary.  It's been a long wait since it was first revealed back in 2010 that the whole album making process was being filmed, but at the same time it seems time has flown by! I know it's going to be an amazing film! To all those going, have fun and enjoy!! This is a once in a lifetime experience that will likely never occur like this again.

Events kick off at 12 noon with Stevie and Dave in Sag Harbor at the Bay Street Theater for a 90 minute conversation.  Then its off to the Sag Harbor Cinema across town for the world premiere at 3pm.

Big thanks to Dave Stewart and Weapons of Mass Entertainment, and to Stevie of course, for making this happen!

The final piece of the puzzle will be when the DVD/Blu-ray is released.  No word on when that will happen, but there will be more screenings of the documentary beyond the already announced dates below:

Pleasantville, NY - October 8, 2012

San Rafael, CA - October 12, 2012
Mill Valley, CA - October 13, 2012

Will update this post:

- Fans lined up this morning for Stevie and Dave's conversation... Photo (left) by Rafer Guzman.
- Inside the theatre... This is 4th row. Photo (right) by Jeannie Kartis

- Photo (left) by Dawn Watson, Stevie Nicks back stage at Bay Street Theatre doing press. 
- Photo (right) by Elba Marmo

Left Photo by R. StylR Louison | Right Photo by Jeannie Kartis

The setting.  Photo by @SteviesSara 

(below) The North Fork, NY Patch Photo 
(not sure who the interviewer was)
Patch covered a Q&A session with the legendary Stevie Nicks, who showed the world her new music documentary at the Hamptons Film Fest on Sunday - stay tuned for the story!
View the photos above at Getty | View the photos below at Newscom

Full Hour Conversation with Stevie Nicks
Hampton International Film Festival


Entering the theatre - Photo by @SteviesSara
(64 never looked so good!)

Stevie Nicks on Film: 'The World Used to Give You More of a Chance'
Fleetwood Mac memories were in the air on Sunday as the legendary lead singer showed the world her new music documentary at the Hamptons Film Festival.

Since the early ‘70s, iconic songstress Stevie Nicks has been living and sharing her dreams through music that has touched a universal nerve over the years — even if you’re not a fan of Nicks or Fleetwood Mac, you’ve heard the mega hits like “Dreams,” “Landslide,” and “Stand Back” on the radio, on the jukebox, or over the P.A. at the grocery store.

As part of the Hamptons Film Festival, Nicks shared her thoughts about her sweeping musical career and her latest solo album, entitled “In Your Dreams,” to a lively audience at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor on Sunday afternoon before the debut of a music documentary that chronicles the making of the album.

“The world used to give you more of a chance — they might not like everything on your album, but they might like some of it, so they’re going to listen to all of it,” she said during a Q&A session at the Bay Street.

Nicks and longtime musical soul mate, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, took the love of album-based songwriting to new heights right out of the gate with “Buckingham Nicks,” an acoustic-driven songfest that is still available only in its original 1973 vinyl form — much to the chagrin of a few fans from Westhampton Beach who stood in line outside of the theater with that very album in hand Sunday morning.

Quotes from today's event at the Bay Street Theatre plus reactions during and after the first screening of the documentary.
(Thank you to everyone on Twitter)

Click the link below to view the rest of this post

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SECOND SCREENING: Mill Valley Film Fest. STEVIE NICKS 'In Your Dreams' 10/13 Tickets Available

In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks
Mill Valley Film Festival, Mill Valley, CA
Saturday, October 13 • 3:30pm at CinéArts@Sequoia • Mill Valley, CA

Rock ‘n’ roll’s eternally bewitching Gold Dust Woman opens her home studio and creative process to musical collaborator, documentary director and former Eurythmics mastermind Dave Stewart as the pair record Stevie’s critically acclaimed 2011 solo album In Your Dreams.

The first screening on October 12th with a Q&A afterwards with Stevie is sold out.  Tickets are still available for the second screening added to the festival on Oct 13th.  Be one of the first to see the new documentary on the west coast!  Stevie unfortunately won't be attending the second screening.

Get your tickets here

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Day 1: Hamptons International Film Fest - With Stevie Nicks (Interviews and photos)

Day 1: The Hamptons International Film Festival is under way!  

Photographer Lisa Tamburini was there... She captured a couple shots here of Stevie Nicks during Day 1 of the festival where many filmmakers and stars were on hand doing press.

Check out the East Hampton Patch for larger images and check in with the East Hampton Patch all weekend long for updates on the festival.  Stevie's documentary film debuts this Sunday!

Thanks to Lisa Tamburini and Dawn Watson for Tweeting out some shots of Stevie.. She looks great!  Exciting weekend for all I"m sure!

Follow Lisa Tamburini on Twitter

Below Photos: The first one is of Lisa Tamburini (The photographer). The second photo below is of Journalist Dawn Watson, who interviewed Stevie just the other day.  If you missed it, check out her interview at  27 East. Dawn Watson on Twitter

INTERVIEW: Stevie Nicks On Making "In Your Dreams" And The Hamptons
By Nicole B. Brewer and Nicole Barylski

After a ten year hiatus legendary songwriter Stevie Nicks is back with her latest album "In Your Dreams" and a rockumentary, produced by the Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, of the same name. "When you see it you are going to be living in my world for one hour and forty minutes," said Nicks during our recent interview. The 'gypsy' is in the Hamptons this weekend for the 20th Hamptons International Film Festival. We sat down with her at The Maidstone on a gorgeous fall afternoon to get the scoop. 

"It was the best year of my life! I have never had so much fun in my life," exclaimed Nicks as we sat in the garden and talked about nail polish a bit before our interview officially began. She prefers OPI Big Apple Red and does her nails herself saying as we settled in, "If I wasn't doing this I'd be a manicurist!" 

The "In Your Dreams" album was ten years in the making and all started with 9/11 explained Nicks, "I went on the road at the end of June with 'Trouble in Shangri-La'. I had been on the road for two and a half months, which is nothing and then 9/11 happened. So for all practical purposes the record and everything blew up." Nicks was in New York by herself set to enjoy her one day off on that fateful day, her band was in Canada getting ready for the next leg of the tour. "I went to bed at 7:30 p.m.," she went on to say, "and when [my assistant] Karen woke me up at 11 a.m. the world had changed." 

Ever generous to her devoted fans, Nicks stayed on the road for another month because "no one had turned their tickets in or asked for refunds." She went on the "Say You Will" tour with Fleetwood Mac in 2002, then again on her own in 2003 and 2004. During that time she kept pondering writing and another record but the music industry was in flux and piracy was a hot topic. Her advisors told her to enjoy touring and wait. Nicks says her managers told her, "You're a songwriter, you create the song it's yours, you write the poem, and you put it out. [Then] one person buys it and sends it out to 500 personal friends and they send it out to their friends. You are a songwriter this is how you make money. What we recommend is you go back on the road because you can still do big shows and sell tickets. A lot of people can't." So she did. 

Inspiration for "In Your Dreams" happened quite unexpectedly in 2009 while on tour with Fleetwood Mac in Australia. "I saw the second 'Twilight' movie and wrote 'Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)' right then." Nicks told us, "There was a piano in my suite and I said to my assistant Karen, I am ready to make a record now. I don't care what is going on around me I'm doing it. If nobody wants it or everybody steals it I will have to deal with that then." 

As soon as she got off tour she called Dave Stewart and asked him if he wanted to work with her to produce. He jumped right in. "Dave came up [to my house] to spend one day discussing it and I said why don't we do it here. We don't have to go into the studio and pay $2,500 per day. He said, 'let's do it.'" Vamping a bit and mimicking her dear friend and collaborator she went on, "By the third day he said, 'Darling we have to film this.' And I said, 'Darling do you know what that means?' Now this guy dresses up every day and loves it." Nicks is not in full stage dress and makeup at home, she likes a more casual look. For her the thought of cameras every day meant hair, makeup, and wardrobe which caused some hesitation. She relented when he reassured her, "He said if you don't love it, we won't use it. I said, 'Hand to God?' and he promised 'Swear to God.'" But he didn't get off that easy. "Fair enough," she told him, "But I will hunt you down and kill you if any of it gets out and I don't like it." 

From there they filmed for a year and in her words, "Had the best time." Stewart's team then edited a year of her life down to three hours. Later the film would be cut to a final hour and forty minutes. "We finished just two weeks ago," said Nicks, "With that kind of thing it's like 'no you can't have it it's not done yet.'" When they finally handed it in and realized the film was complete Nicks was "in tears and I said 'take it.' It's like your child." 

Regarding the genius that is Dave Stewart, Nicks went on to gush a bit, "He is an amazing photographer. He's been filming women for years. With Annie Lennox, he is the reason she cut off all her hair. He was behind all of this amazing stuff, I didn't even know." On "In Your Dreams," Nicks says he gave everyone Flip cameras and said, "Everyone film and we will see what we come up with. If it doesn't make sense or is an 'Alice In Wonderland' bewitched world we won't put it up. If we love it we will let people have it." It was an "easy thing to do because Dave made it into a no big deal thing." 

Having only been in and out of the Hamptons a mere three times for benefits over the years Nicks is looking forward to enjoying the film festival weekend in Sag Harbor with friends. So if you notice a familiar looking blonde with a crescent moon necklace window shopping next to you on Main Street take time for a second look, it might just be the Stevie Nicks, star of "In Your Dreams" and 140 million album selling Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend. 

 • Get up close and personal with Stevie Nicks at Bay Street Theatre on Sunday, October 7, 2012, at noon for a "Conversation With Stevie Nicks" presented by Capital One. Catch a screening of "In Your Dreams" during the Hamptons International Film Festival this weekend at the Sag Harbor Cinema also on Sunday, October 7, 2012, at 3:00 p.m. For details check out

photo below was Tweeted by Rafer Guzman, Film Critic for Newsday earlier today.
The photo was taken by Karen Johnston, Stevie's Assistant
Stevie Nicks discusses her first film at the Hamptons International Film Festival
By Rafer Guzman

The Hamptons received a visit from California rock royalty Thursday night when Stevie Nicks drove into town. On Friday afternoon, Nicks, the face of Fleetwood Mac and a solo artist in her own right, began granting interviews to discuss her first film "In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks."

The documentary chronicles the making of her 2011 album, "In Your Dreams," which was produced by Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) and Glenn Ballard. It became the singer’s fifth album to enter Billboard’s Top Ten.

Stewart and Nicks co-directed the film, which will have its world premiere 3 p.m. Sunday at the Regal Southampton. Nicks will also be interviewed before a live audience earlier that day at 1 p.m. at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor.

Nicks, 64, sat poolside at the Maidstone hotel to talk about her first film and her first-time jitters. Here's an edited version of the conversation.

How did you choose the Hamptons festival for your world premiere?
I can't tell you that, because I honestly don't know. I've never been to a film festival. I've heard of Sundance and Cannes, but I've never gone to them, so I really have no idea.

So who made the decision?
Probably Liz [Rosenberg, powerhouse publicist, relaxing in a deck-chair nearby]. Dave and his people spent all last year editing the film, probably 10 to 11 months, down to 3 hours. And then on Feb. 1, me and Dave's editor and my assistant Karen [Johnston], we started editing at my house. So we edited for four months to take it from 3 hours down to an hour-40. I've been on tour, editing, on tour, editing. So really this has all come very fast. I was just told by the powers that be that the Hamptons film festival was fantastic, and that I was lucky enough to have been asked. I'm thrilled to be here, because I've never really gotten to spend any time here. I'm not leaving till Monday.

Are you coming to see the film?
I'll be the one cowering in the dark, with my hands over my eyes. I'll be all the way in the back row. 

Stevie Nicks attends the HIFF at the Maidstone Arms  in East Hampton. October 5, credit:Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.comStevie Nicks attends the HIFF at the Maidstone Arms  in East Hampton. October 5, credit:Rob Rich/