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REVIEW | PHOTOS | VIDEO: Fleetwood Mac Live in Philadelphia April 6, 2013

Wells Fargo Center - April 6, 2013
No change in the set list from Columbus and that's a good thing!

Review: The return of Fleetwood Mac

Instability is a constant in Fleetwood Mac. Since its inception in 1967, drummer Mick Fleetwood has been the only permanent member, although bassist John McVie joined almost immediately thereafter. And the band's classic late '70s lineup, with Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, reached its creative peak when its interpersonal relationships were at their most tumultuous.
"It's different every time. That's the way it is with this band: it's always a work in progress," Buckingham said during Saturday's sold-out show at the Wells Fargo Center, the second night of the band's first tour in more than three years. The 23-song, 2-and-a-half hour set favored the hits, including most of 1977's Rumours, while adding some surprises.

In the absence of Christine McVie, who left in 1998, the core quartet added two backing vocalists and two utility musicians. The band, however, was at its best when at its most elemental, and Buckingham was the central force with his aggressive, impressive guitar playing and his unrestrained, often manic energy.

That energy anchored punchy pop songs, such as "Second Hand News," "Go Your Own Way" and the new "Sad Angel," as well as earnest acoustic songs, such as "Never Going Back Again," "Without You" and "Big Love" (from 1987's Tango in the Night). He's an underrated guitar hero, and the lengthy solo that concluded "I'm So Afraid" found the youthful 63-year-old feigning exhaustion.

Nicks, 64, was less dramatic and mobile, and her voice took a while to warm up. Although she shifted the melodies of "Dreams" and "Rhiannon" to avoid the high notes, the rarely performed "Sisters of the Moon" was eerie and powerful and the inescapable "Landslide," accompanied only by Buckingham on acoustic guitar, was lovely and sincere.

After an encore that featured a drum solo from Fleetwood, joyous and indefatigable at age 70, Buckingham and Nicks returned to the stage hand-in-hand. Buckingham introduced "Say Goodbye" by saying, "It's about closure, as much of the dialogue between us seems to be."

That closure is still a work in process: the band has a new EP on the way.

Photo Recap: Fleetwood Mac at Wells Fargo Center
Fleetwood Mac at Wells Fargo Center
Photos by Joe Deltufo - See Gallery

SAD ANGEL (New Song on upcoming EP)
WITHOUT YOU - They're having so much fun doing this.. I love it!

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NEW Video: "The Chain" Columbus, OH 4/4/2013

Fleetwood Mac - Columbus, OH April 4, 2013


6 NEW Screening Dates Announced: Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' Documentary

Six Bow Tie Cinemas will be screening Stevie's new documentary for the first time - next Tuesday, April 9th.
Annapolis, New Haven, Reston, Richmond, Schenectady and West Hartford.
Advance tickets are now on sale for most locations on-line.  Links are below or visit the In Your Dreams Movie website.  Go get'em! 

Also, Winnipeg, MB Canada added a third date.  The film will screen at Cinematheque on May 2nd, 3rd and 5th.  Advance Tickets are now on sale.

Listings marked with 'Box Office' indicates no on-line ticket sales available and to purchase at the box office.

Annapolis, MD Bow Tie Cinemas Apr 9 Get Tickets 
Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Apr 10 Box Office
Austin, TX iPic Apr 7 Get Tickets
Boca Raton, FL iPic Apr 7 Get Tickets
Bolingbrook, IL iPic Apr 7 Get Tickets
Boulder, CO The Dairy Apr 26 Get Tickets
Columbus, OH Gateway  Apr 21 On Sale Soon
Fairview, TX iPic Apr 7 Get Tickets
Glendale, WI iPic Apr 7 Get Tickets
Long Beach, CA Art Theatre Apr 7 Get Tickets
New Haven, CT Bow Tie Cinemas Apr 9 On Sale Soon 
Odessa, TX Ector Theater May 2 432-337-1492
Pasadena, CA iPic Apr 7 SOLD OUT
Portland, OR Hollywood Apr 7 Get Tickets
Redmond, WA iPic Apr 7 Get Tickets
Reston, VA Bow Tie Cinemas Apr 9 Get Tickets 
Richmond, VA Bow Tie Cinemas Apr 9 Get Tickets 
Scottsdale, AZ iPic  Apr 7 Get Tickets
Schenectady, NY Bow Tie Cinemas Apr 9 Get Tickets 
S. Barrington, IL iPic Apr 7 Get Tickets
Tampa, FL Tampa Theatre Apr 9 Get Tickets
West Hartford, CT Bow Tie Cinemas Apr 9 Get Tickets

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THIS SUNDAY April 7th - Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' Documentary Plays All iPic Theatres

Sunday Matinee April 7, 2013
One more time at all iPic theaters this weekend.
Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams'

Encore Screening: 
Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio Announced on Friday that Stevie's Documentary will screen once again on Sunday, April 21st at 4pm.  Tickets aren't available on-line yet, but will be soon.  HERE  Keep checking for updates to their site.

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac - Columbus, OH 4/4/2013 + 138 Photos from beginning to end

Fleetwood Mac kicked off their 50-stop North American tour in Columbus, Ohio, last night by delivering a mix of their biggest hits, a few unexpected gems from their decades-spanning career… and an announcement of a forthcoming EP.
Photos by Erin Brown - View Gallery

Though it had been three years since Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie took the stage together, they played as if no time had passed since their last tour.

Buckingham proved why he’s still one of the most revered guitarists in recent decades as he wailed through their catalog, often while fans in the front row ran their hands along his guitar in almost prayer-like devotion.

Nicks, donning her trademark black outfits and shawls (which came and went in quick on-stage changes), proved why she’s a cultural icon. Sometimes with a tambourine in hand, others while tugging at the black straps hanging from her mic stand, and just a few times while spinning in her trademark circles, she sang flawlessly.

Fleetwood commanded the stage from his enormous, raised kit, grinning maniacally and sporting his elfin getup, complete with a pair of hanging balls. Easily one of the highlights of the show was his lengthy drum solo during “World Turning,” which kicked off their first encore.

John McVie hung in the background, quietly holding together the backbone of the group, though shining during such solo moments as the driving bass line in “The Chain.”

Singer-songwriter Christine McVie was notably absent; she retired from the band in the late ’90s, so her songs are mostly absent from the band’s setlist. One exception being “Don’t Stop,” with Nicks taking on her former bandmate’s vocals.

The first surprise in the set list came early on: Four songs in, they did a brand new song, “Sad Angel.” Buckingham noted that it is on their new EP, which would be out “in a few days.” Nicks later referred to the EP, calling it their “little baby record.”

About halfway through the main set, the group pulled out a track seldom played since its 1979 release on Tusk, “Sisters of the Moon.”

After dueting on the Rumours track “Never Going Back Again,” they played an unreleased song from their the long-out-of-print Buckingham/Nicks album, recorded before the duo joined Fleetwood Mac. Nicks noted that “Without You” had the nicest lyrics she had ever written about Lindsey – a point he was quick to agree with.

Buckingham returned the favor during the second encore, when the pair came out alone to play “Say Goodbye” from the group’s most recent album, 2003′s Say You Will. Buckingham said that he wrote the track to provide closure to his relationship with Stevie, and that today the pair are getting along the best that they have in years.

McVie and Fleetwood joined them on stage for a final bow all together. Afterwards, Mick ran to the microphone with one final message: Take care of yourself, and be kind to each other.

Fleetwood Mac – April 4th Set List:

  • Second Hand News (Rumours, 1977)
  • The Chain (Rumours, 1977)
  • Dreams (Rumours, 1977)
  • Sad Angel (New song)
  • Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Not That Funny (Tusk, 1979)
  • Tusk (Tusk, 1979)
  • Sisters of the Moon (Tusk, 1979)
  • Sara (Tusk, 1979)
  • Big Love (Tango in the Night, 1987)
  • Landslide (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Never Going Back Again (Rumours, 1977)
  • Without You (Unreleased Buckingham/Nicks song, 1969)
  • Gypsy (Mirage, 1982)
  • Eyes of the World (Mirage, 1982)
  • Gold Dust Woman (Rumours, 1977)
  • I’m So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Stand Back (Stevie Nicks’ album The Wild Heart, 1983)
  • Go Your Own Way (Rumours, 1977)


  • World Turning (Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Don’t Stop (Rumours, 1977)
  • Silver Springs (b-side of single “Go Your Own Way” 1977)

Second Encore:

  • Say Goodbye (Say You Will, 2003)

- Erin Fox 98.5 WNCX Cleveland

Review | Photos: Fleetwood Mac “There will never be another show like tonight,” - Stevie Nicks (Columbus, OH)

Concert Review and Slideshow: Fleetwood Mac at Nationwide Arena in Columbus
Photo by: Joe Kleon
Click Through for Slideshow
by Jeff Niesel

There was something old-fashioned about the way Fleetwood Mac casually arrived on stage last night at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, the site of the first date of the band’s 50-date reunion tour. Playing together for the first time in 3 years, band members strolled onto the stage without any major hoopla (though drummer Mick Fleetwood had his arms hoisted high above his head as if he were a referee indicating a touchdown). After a bit of tuning, the group launched into “Second Hand News,” and if the song sounded just a bit out of sync, the band set things straight on “The Chain,” which sounded just as eerie as ever and the group proceeded to play a flawless two-and-a-half hour set that showed it hasn’t lost a step despite the hiatus.

“There will never be another show like tonight,” singer Stevie Nicks told the capacity crowd in reference to the fact that it was the first date of the tour. After a spot-on rendition of the hit “Dreams,” the band played “Sad Angel,” a new song from an EP that guitarist Lindsay Buckingham said would be released in the coming weeks. The song had a driving guitar riff but suffered from its wimpy keyboard riff. Still, it was hardly a disaster and it led nicely into “Rhiannon” and a reworked rendition of “Tusk” that benefited from vintage footage of the USC marching band that played on the studio version. One of the 20-song set’s highlights, “Tusk” culminated with Buckingham at the front stage where he furiously soloed and provided a punctuation mark with an exuberant leg kick. That energy carried over into “Sisters of the Moon,” a song Nicks said the band hadn’t performed live since the ‘70s.

Band members then exited the stage so Buckingham could play the solo tune “Looking Out for Love,” which he described as a “meditation on the power and importance of change.” While Buckingham is a phenomenal guitarist and showman, he fared better when he had Nicks by his side and the two delivered a beautiful rendition of “Landslide” and then resuscitated the Buckingham Nicks tune “Without You.” Nicks changed into a gold shawl for the rousing rendition of “Gold Dust Woman” and then kept things going strong for her solo tune “Stand Back,” which sounded great with the Mac musicians backing her up. The concert concluded with the crowd favorite “Go Your Own Way” and the band returned for an encore that included rousing renditions of “World Turning” — which included a Mick Fleetwood drum solo — and “Don’t Stop.”

Videos: Fleetwood Mac Live "Sad Angel" (NEW SONG) + "Rhiannon", "Big Love" & "Say Goodbye" in Columbus

"Sad Angel"
One of the new songs Fleetwood Mac debuted last night in Columbus, Ohio. 
This sounds spectacular... I Love it!!

Check out this close-up version (from the front row). The sound is distorted but it's Lindsey up-close.  Plus this version from the back of the house.

RHIANNON: What happened to the Rhiannon outfit!
SAY GOODBYE: Perfect ending! Sounds so great!

Mick Fleetwood interview "Fleetwood Mac keeps going its own way"

Fleetwood Mac keeps going its own way

By Alan Sculley, Special to The Morning Call

The band became arguably the biggest act in rock in the late 1970s after guitarist/singer Lindsey Buckingham and singer Stevie Nicks joined three previous members of Fleetwood Mac — drummer Mick Fleetwood, bassist John McVie and keyboardist/singer Christine McVie (the bassist's former wife) — in 1975 and released three straight blockbuster albums, "Fleetwood Mac" (1975), "Rumours" (1977) and "Tusk" (1979) that established the lineup as the classic edition of Fleetwood Mac.

In a conversation with Fleetwood, it's very clear that today's four core band members (Christine McVie retired in 1998) are very much invested in the band and far from complacent about its live show. In fact, the band spent six full weeks rehearsing for this year's tour, it's first in three years.

"We know the nuts and bolts are all in place and we have confidence in that," Fleetwood says. "But we also have like a garage band-like mentality where we go sh--, we're actually playing down at the local town hall next week. We better be good. And it [that nervousness] doesn't really go away, which is a nice thing. We're not all jaded and so showbizzed out that we're all super slick and go 'Ah, piece of cake.' We're not like that at all. We're all quite sh---ing ourselves."

Fleetwood says the shows will, of course, feature signature hits.

"We know that we have sort of a body of songs that, in truth, if we didn't do them, we'd probably be all lined up and shot," he says. "So we have sort of eight or nine songs that no matter what, we know people are going to want for us to do them, and we are totally cool with doing them. If we walked on the stage and didn't play 'Dreams,' I think people would be shocked. So we don't go there. So what we do is we take the prime songs, 'Go Your Own Way,' 'Dreams,' songs like that, and then build a new show around the fact that we, of course, are going to be doing those songs."

This is Fleetwood Mac's first tour since 2009's "Unleashed" tour. Buckingham and Nicks are busy with solo careers, making Fleetwood Mac part of the picture, but not the entire one. Following the "Unleashed" tour, Buckingham released the studio album, "Seeds We Sow," and Nicks released "In Your Dreams." Both artists toured extensively to support the albums.

The personal history and inter-personal dynamics within Fleetwood Mac also create challenges, and, according to Fleetwood, are another indication of why the four band members are all in when they reunite.

"When we do do it, we work really hard at it and we're committed to it," he says. "We fundamentally have to be happy to be doing this because we're all ex-lovers and all the stuff that is well worn news out there."

As has been well documented, Buckingham and Nicks were a couple (and were recording as Buckingham-Nicks) when they joined Fleetwood Mac. The McVies were also married at that time. But the relationships soon frayed, and the "Rumours" album (a deluxe expanded edition of the CD was released in January) was written in the midst of those breakups. Fleetwood and Nicks later became a couple for a time, while Buckingham later married and started a family.

"[This is] a bunch of people who aren't just connected by the music, but connected by spending huge amounts of time [together], including Lindsey, Stevie and their journey," Fleetwood says. "No, they're not in love and Lindsey has an incredibly wonderful family. But the story they tell as two people is huge. And you know, there I am with Stevie, and me and Stevie had a long-lasting love affair. She's the godmother of my children and it's a trip. It's a trip."

This year's reunion could turn out to be even more eventful than the one in 2009.

On the "Unleashed" tour, Fleetwood Mac essentially played a greatest hits set. But Fleetwood says this tour will blend in three or four new songs from those recorded last year when Buckingham, Fleetwood and McVie got together for a writing and rehearsal session.

"Stevie was on the road, and during that period she lost her mother, who passed," Fleetwood says. "So she was not set up to come and join the party in that few weeks that me and Lindsey and John put some ideas together that Lindsey had."

Nicks has since added her vocals to several of the songs Buckingham, Fleetwood and McVie recorded during the sessions and three of those songs will be available through iTunes shortly. Another song was written by Nicks. It's an unreleased tune that dates back to before Nicks and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac, and was recently rediscovered by Nicks and recorded with the band.

"It really tells the story of how Stevie and Lindsey joined Fleetwood Mac, which is when they were known as Buckingham-Nicks," Fleetwood says. "It was an unrecorded song that Stevie actually wrote about Lindsey, and it's a beautiful song ...

"And this was the music that I heard in the studio that spurred me on to make the phone call and ask them to join Fleetwood Mac."

Fleetwood says with any luck these songs will form the basis of a new Fleetwood Mac album that may be recorded later this year and released either ahead of Christmas or in early 2014.

This would be Fleetwood Mac's first collection of new music since 2003's "Say You Will." That was the band's first album without Christine McVie, and the tour that followed the album was not as harmonious as the band members would have wanted.

For Nicks, it was difficult to be the only woman in the band and she sorely missed her close friend, McVie. And before regrouping for the "Unleashed" tour, the band flirted with having Sheryl Crow (a good friend with Nicks) join the band.

Nicks, in various interviews, has said she now is comfortable in the four-person Fleetwood Mac lineup, and Fleetwood notes that the guys try to help create a good environment for Nicks.

"Certainly the guys in the band are very aware of making sure that Stevie feels safe," Fleetwood says. "When she comes back to Fleetwood Mac, she's in a man's world, you know. And two of them are men that she each had relationships with. It's hugely important that she feels safe — and loved. And that's the funny old thing that this band is all about. It's powerful."

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CONCERT REVIEW | PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac Columbus, Ohio

FLEETWOOD MAC LIVE 2013 Opening Night
April 4, 2013 Nationwide Arena
Columbus, Ohio

Concert review | Fleetwood Mac: 
First tour stop had it all. Band in fine form as it satisfies crowd in Nationwide
By  Curtis Schieber

Fleetwood Mac returned to performing in concert for the first time in three years last night in Nationwide Arena, the core four members putting on their rock ’n’ roll greasepaint as if it had just came off the night before. Columbus was the first show in a 50-gig run.

The band didn’t reserve anything for the next 49, as it delivered mega-hits, out-of-the-way album tracks, solo work and even a couple of new tunes.

The million-sellers brought the house down, especially selections from the group’s mid-1970s albums, with Dreams, The Chain and Rhiannon duplicating enough of the originals to not only welcome the crowd but also loosen it up.

The band hit the ground running, with Second Hand News, a song with all the group’s strengths, from the deep groove plowed by rhythm section and titular original members John McVie and Mick Fleetwood to the candy-like harmony leads of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

It set the scene for a tour through the two singers’ tangled love lives, which inform a good many of their songs.

The band made tunes that dallied with the darker side, more mysterious still. Sisters Of The Moon opened with considerable drama and ended with Nicks emoting almost as if in fits. Gold Dust Woman was at once spooky and dreamy. Still, the rhythm section proved why it is — after nearly 50 years — one of the most powerful and distinctive in the business.

Buckingham delivered leads that nearly burned down the hall, while adding a richness to the mix with consistently sophisticated guitar work.

Nicks sounded terrific, avoiding the annoying and taxing signature tremolo and concentrating on the natural emotion in her voice. Gypsy particularly showcased her maturing instrument with a succulent delivery.

Though she was more energized than during her last visit, she nonetheless was slowed, rarely moving away from the mike and only a couple of times venturing to Buckingham’s side of the stage. Even though her trademark spin was reduced to about 16 RPM during Gypsy, any movement nonetheless elicited raves.

Buckingham not only led the group firmly but was the artistic center. A dissertation about taking musical chances was followed by a few selections from Tusk. The singer’s declaration of the album’s originality hit the mark, even if he neglected to mention that its commercial failure nearly sank the record industry.

The new material boded well for the future, especially Sad Angel, which will be released in an upcoming EP. Interestingly, Without You was an old song the group forgot but rediscovered in a YouTube video.

Photo Gallery via The Columbus Dispatch - Click through to view

Above 4 photos by nationwide arena
Photo Credit: Curtis Blessing

Lindsey Buckingham announced during the show prior to performing the new song "Sad Angel" that a NEW EP of New Fleetwood Mac studio material would be released in the coming days!

Above two photos by: Ashley Glynn

 Above 6 photos by: Curtis Blessing

Above 7 photos by: lilyoaks
 Photo Credits: Pattie D. (Lindsey) Michelle Cohn (Stevie)
Photo Credit: Adam Flick
 above 2 photos by: Joyce Hamilton

 Stevie Nicks... The first pic on the left, Stevie is in pants!  There's a first on a Fleetwood Mac tour.
Second pick... An example of the jumbo screen behind the band.. Looks awesome!  Stevie in her Top Hat, must be "Go Your Own Way" and, she's wearing her glasses so she can see everyone not because of the bright lights.
 Photo Credit: promogirl2 (left) and shenanigansblog (right)
Merchandise shots in Columbus... Bottom photo not very clear but there looks like plenty of options, and the images of the band are new, which is great!  Plus... Don't look if you don't want to know, but below is the setlist from tonight.  Looking great!!  2 NEW songs in the set.
One of 3 posters available... New photos!