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Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Houston December 15, 2014

Fleetwood Mac brings songs, stories to Houston
By Joey Guerra
Photos by: J. Patric Schneider - View more at Chron.com

Never underestimate the power of the Mac.

Three songs into Monday night’s set at Toyota Center, Stevie Nicks promised the crowd she would “get this party started!” Until then, Fleetwood Mac had been pleasing and mostly polite: anthemic kickoff “The Chain,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Dreams” shifted to a lower key.

But something kicked into gear with “Second Hand News.” Lindsey Buckingham ripped into the song, all wild eyes and stomping feet. It reverberated through the sold-out crowd and energized Nicks’ take on “Rhiannon.” The party had indeed started.

Christine McVie, who rejoined the band after a 15-year absence, was still soulful and sweet on “Everywhere” and “Little Lies,” which both benefited from punchy arrangements; and oft-covered set closer “Songbird.”

“Now she’s been here, and it’s almost 40 shows. And now I think she’s gonna stay,” Nicks quipped. The band returns March 3 for another show at Toyota Center.

The enduring allure of Fleetwood Mac has been the story behind the music. The core unit — Buckingham, Nicks, John McVie, Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood – has continued to thrive both in spite and because of its tempestuous history. Life has informed music and vice versa.

Buckingham played up the sentiment, declaring that the band’s success is in its ability “to continue to prevail through the good times and the bad.” He called Christine McVie’s reappearance “the beginning of a poetic, a profound and a beautiful new chapter.”

For now, though, it was about the music. “Tusk” still brings the marching-band thunder. Buckingham indulged himself, as always, during a solo “Big Love” and several rousing crowd-pleasing guitar solos. Christine McVie ably steered the “Say You Love Me” harmonies. Nicks cast an alluring spell during “Sisters of the Moon,” an extended “Gypsy” (complete with shimmering shawl) and “Seven Wonders.” She performed the song recently on “American Horror Story” (and thanked the show for taking it to a new audience).

And, yes, something sweet and magical still happens when Nicks’ croons about getting older and snow-covered hills during “Landslide.” The entire venue seemed to sigh in unison.

Nicks introduced “Gypsy” with a lengthy story about meeting Buckingham, shopping for rock-star clothes and opening shows for Jimi Hendrix, Santana and Credence Clearwater Revival.

“Are you listening over there?” she asked him before twirling through the song.

And, yes, something sweet and magical still happens when Nicks' croons about getting older and snow-covered hills during "Landslide." The entire venue seemed to sigh in unison.

Long intros and instrumental breaks bogged down the show’s second-half a bit. But the padding was worth trudging through to hear “Go Your Own Way,” “Don’t Stop” and Nicks’ grand, gorgeous reading of “Silver Springs.”



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Review: Sold-out enthusiastic crowd welcomes Fleetwood Mac to Texas

Photo by: Richard W. Rodriguez
Review: Fleetwood Mac at American Airlines Center
Star Telegram

There was a moment Sunday night when Stevie Nicks began recounting all of the acts she and Lindsey Buckingham once opened for, prior to joining the ranks of Fleetwood Mac.

It was an impressive roster of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers — Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, et al — but also an anecdote making the refrain from Landslide (“I’m getting older too”) take on an extra, poignant dimension.

The years continue to accumulate (Nicks is 66), and bands like Fleetwood Mac begin to crumble and fall away — almost anything can be survived, whether it’s romantic entanglements or prodigious drug use, but no one can outrun time.

Such a feeling hung in the air Sunday at American Airlines Center as a sold-out and terrifically enthusiastic crowd welcomed Fleetwood Mac back to North Texas.

While the band itself was in town just last year, they didn’t have a key member in tow then as they did Sunday: Christine McVie, rejoining the ranks of the rock band after more than 15 years away, was a welcome addition to the core foursome of Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood.

The familiar elements of a Fleetwood Mac performance were present in abundance — Fleetwood’s gaped-mouth timekeeping; Nicks’ mystical twirling and top hat; Buckingham’s incendiary guitar solos — but with Christine McVie back in the mix, the two hour-plus set felt slightly elevated, an extra, key ingredient making the well-worn (You Make Loving Fun; Little Lies; Say You Love Me) feel altogether revitalized.

Her lovely alto laid in alongside Nicks’ own gruff, feathery alto and Buckingham’s razor-wire tenor gave the show a feeling of balance, a restoration to the last, best possible version of the band beloved by the screaming thousands stuffed into the arena, something even Buckingham noted midway through.

Fleetwood Mac Fulfills Dreams in Denver

Photo by Camille Breslin

by: Alex Faubel

Sometimes you get the chance to stand mere feet away from a band that had a hand in laying the foundation of your love for music. Most of the time they look different. Many times they sound different. But never do you take that moment for granted. My dad would probably say “back in my day” and trail off into a tangent about how great Fleetwood Mac was when he saw them in 1975. But it’s not often you get the chance to see a band you grew up listening to with the top down on your mom’s Volkswagon Cabrio going way too fast down residential streets. Go Your Own Way, right? And if that way has you on tour nearly five decades after the inception of your band, I’d say your way is one hell of a route.

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Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Dallas Dec 14, 2014 "much fanfare was made of McVie’s return"

Fully-staffed Fleetwood Mac takes adoring Dallas crowd on a roller-coaster ride
by Hunter Hauk
The Dallas Morning News

Photo: Jason Janik

Fleetwood Mac comprises former lovers, ex spouses, longtime friends and a tumultuous biography. Like any musical group that has survived decades of ups and downs, the members must constantly work at it to recapture their old chemistry.

That workmanlike spirit helped to define the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band’s sold-out show on Sunday night at American Airlines Center. Rejoined by vital vocalist and keyboardist Christine McVie after her 16-year-touring hiatus, the Mac leaned in admirably through a two-hour-plus performance that veered from soul-soothing to serviceable and back again.

Understandably, much fanfare was made of McVie’s return: Her warm, familiar vocals provided several highlights, from the smoky seduction of “You Make Loving Fun” to the melodic bliss of ’80s smashes “Everywhere” and “Little Lies.” Despite her solid performance, McVie was never one to bask in the spotlight.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, however, were more than happy to soak up the love of the audience on Sunday. With McVie on keys, her ex-husband, John, on bass and Mick Fleetwood behind his drums for most of the evening, it was up to the group’s two relative “newbies” to do the crowd work.

Buckingham kept the folks up front entertained by harnessing a twenty-something’s energy, frequently screaming out lyrical lines and jumping into rock-god postures. Nicks was simply herself — a twirling and swaying mystical sage armed with raspy power pipes and a streamer-clad tambourine.

Full Review at The Dallas Morning News


Fleetwood Mac - Denver: "Lindsey Buckingham’s six-string prowess is a sight to behold"

Fleetwood Mac Concert Review Denver, CO
December 12, 2014 - Pepsi Center,
by Ken Tomczak
Photo: Ken Tomczak
When you go see a Fleetwood Mac concert, you’re immediately struck by how much talent is on the stage.  Stevie Nicks sings lead on classic hits like “Gypsy” and “Landslide,” but Lindsey Buckingham’s six-string prowess is a sight to behold – playing the entire concert in his signature plucking style with no guitar pick.  The legendary rhythm section of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie always keeps the band rolling forward, but the story of Friday night’s "On With The Show" tour stop at Pepsi Center was the return of Christine McVie after a 17-year hiatus from the band.

The nearly sold out crowd was thrilled to see the classic Fleetwood Mac lineup back together, giving McVie extra applause when she performed “Over My Head,” “Little Lies” and “Everywhere.”

“A very good evening, Denver!” McVie yelled to the crowd.  Stevie Nicks added, “She’s back!” and then quickly screamed “Let’s get this party started” before the Mac launched into “Dreams.”  Additional musicians and three background vocalists helped supplement the sound, making their trademark vocal harmonies that much more lush.

Buckingham was jumping around the stage from the opening notes and McVie quipped “That was fun!” after finishing “Say You Love Me.”  The band was exceptionally tight and it was apparent they were having a good time on stage.  Stevie Nicks’ signature vocals were especially strong on “Seven Wonders.”  Buckingham took some extra time to introduce “Big Love” off 1987's Tango In The Night explaining the tune was originally written about “boundaries” but it has since taken on a new meaning about “the importance of change.”  Lindsey performed the song by himself, showcasing his immense talent.

The stage production wasn’t anything to write home about – minimal lights and random images projected onto a backdrop.   Fleetwood Mac isn’t about lasers and pyro, they were happy to let the music do the talking.  And many fans were talking about the band already announcing another Pepsi Center gig.  If you missed this concert, tickets for their April 1st return appearance go on sale this Monday at 10am.

But the feel good story of the concert was the return of McVie, punctuated by the final song of the evening “Songbird.”

Mick Fleetwood Interview "Stevie and Christine, they're a funny couple, a lot in common, and yet nothing in common"

Mick Fleetwood Interviewed by Mike The Intern on 104.7 The Cave Pure Classic Rock

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Stevie Nicks: "The Lady Gaga song 'Do What U Want' makes me want to dance and made me revise the hustle

People Magazine - December 15, 2014 issue
Click her to enlarge
Stevie Nicks: I will never marry again

The Fleetwood Mac singer, who was married to Kim Anderson for three months in 1983, says she is happily single at the moment, and while she would consider online dating she doesn't want to walk down the aisle at any point.

The 66-year-old star - who previously dated her bandmates Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood, and the Eagles' stars Don Henley and Joe Walsh - said: "I'm happy. I might have a relationship, but I'm never getting married again.

"Mick and I always laugh about going on Match.com together and saying, 'We're looking for somebody with no health problems. And no bunches of ex-wives and ex-husbands.' "

The 'Dreams' hitmaker admits she would like to fall in love again but if she doesn't find another partner she will still have a good life.

She said: "There is always hope. If somebody comes along and he's worth it, then it will be a lucky throw of the cards. But either way it's going to be great."

Stevie has lost 10 pounds in the last few months since the band embarked on a new tour and she credits Lady Gaga's song 'Do What U Want' for inspiring her to dance off the pounds.

She added to PEOPLE magazine: "I go onstage for three hours, four days a week and have lost about 10 pounds in the last couple of months.

"The Lady Gaga song 'Do What U Want' makes me want to dance and made me revise the hustle. My girlfriends and I used to do this [dance] at clubs 30 years ago. Now it's a great way to exercise."

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Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Denver December 12, 2014

Fleetwood Mac at the Pepsi Center in Denver 
by Ray Mark Rinaldi

Christine McVie always performed stage right with Fleetwood Mac, though she was never a side player. The keyboardist wrote a good number of the band’s hits back in the day and took the position of lead singer whenever they came into rotation.

Photos by Daniel Petty
More than that, she was the supergroup’s third leg. Lindsey Buckingham was the rocker, Stevie Nicks the spiritual siren and McVie the pop songstress who brought a head-bopping bounce to the band’s sound with numbers like “You Make Loving Fun.” That combination gave Fleetwood Mac something for every prevailing taste in the 1970s and pushed it to the top of the charts.

And so when McVie retuned to the band after a 16-year vacation this fall, she brought not just her 71-year-old self, but also a little more easy-going fun. Fleetwood Mac’s appearance at the Pepsi Center in Denver Friday night felt much more like a pop concert than the raucous rock show it performed there in 2013.

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Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Phoenix December 10, 2014

Review: Fleetwood Mac celebrate Christine McVie's return
by Ed Masley

"Our songbird has returned," Mick Fleetwood told the sold-out crowd at US Airways Center Wednesday night before the reunited "Rumours" lineup treated the fans to an encore performance of "Don't Stop" that featured the songbird in question, Christine McVie, taking a turn on lead vocals and contributing a rollicking piano solo.

This is McVie's first tour with Fleetwood Mac since 1998. And Fleetwood was far from alone in viewing her return as cause for celebration, reuniting as it does the soft-rock icons' most successful lineup. The crowd responded with enthusiasm when she took her first lead vocal, two songs in, on "You Make Loving Fun," which was followed by a heartfelt tribute to McVie by Stevie Nicks.

McVie herself talked about "what a thrill it is for me to be standing on this stage singing with these amazing musicians and friends" before taking another lead vocal on "Everywhere."

Photos by: Johanna Dupuy - VIEW GALLERY (33 photos)
Lindsey Buckingham shared his thoughts on how "the return of the beautiful Christine" had signaled a new chapter in their history.

And the second encore started with McVie alone on piano and vocals for two verses and a chorus of an understated "Songbird" before Buckingham joined in on lead guitar.

That was it for the music, but Nicks returned to share a charming anecdote about a phone call she got last October in Italy, imitating McVie's British accent to ask, "What would you think if I decided to come back to the band?," ending her speech with "We so wanted her to come back. And we're so happy to have our girl back."

They did a lot of talking in the course of their nearly three-hour performance. Buckingham talked about how thrilled he was to be in Phoenix, where he and Nicks had spent a lot of time, saying "It kind of feels like a second home." He gave a lengthy monologue before tearing it up on a solo acoustic performance of "Big Love," talking about how although that "Tango in the Night" track is actually newer than much of the material in Wednesday's set, it feels like it came from "a whole different lifetime," before he "pulled back and made a few adjustments." The song began, he explained, as "a kind of contemplation on alienation perhaps" but had become "more a meditation on the power and the importance of change."

Several songs from the show, including full songs of Landslide, Go Your Own Way, and Silver Springs

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Mick Fleetwood displays art in Scottsdale gallery

By Lindsey Reiser
CBS 5 News


SCOTTSDALE, AZ (CBS5) - You wouldn't expect to see a Rock 'n' Roll legend used to screaming fans meeting folks at a quiet art gallery in Scottsdale, but that's exactly where Mick Fleetwood, founding member of Fleetwood Mac, was Tuesday evening.

The group is scheduled to perform in downtown Phoenix Wednesday evening.

Fleetwood said displaying his art can sometimes be more nerve-wracking than performing on stage.

"I don't write songs, and I don't sing them. I play in a band and it's a lot of work one way or another, but this more personal for me," Fleetwood said.
Before he gets an arena full of people going Wednesday night, he's showing his talents go beyond the stage.

"When I became a drummer, I sort of was doing what we did as a family. We traveled all the time, and I was the boring snapshot-taker in the band," Fleetwood said.

He admits his photographs in the collection Reflections are not what people might expect. They show moments of calm, either in his birthplace of England or his new home in Maui.

"I understand they were probably expecting ladies hanging off chandeliers and things," Fleetwood said.

"The contrast in this photo between the old rusty worn-out truck, and this new burst of super green light from the leaves," said Scottsdale resident Sari Lewis, describing what drew her to the piece she purchased.

She said she's not surprised he chose the Valley as one of his first exhibitions in the states.

"Scottsdale has an awesome gallery district, and we earn and deserve a lot of great art here," Lewis said.

As for his favorite piece? Fleetwood prefers a pair of swans he photographed individually that he said remind him of his parents because swans mate for life.

"In a way, these are my babies," Fleetwood said.

If you'd like to take a look at the pieces, they'll be on display until Thursday at DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal.

Mick Fleetwood follows a path of art and music
By John Hook
FOX 10 News

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - It's been 16 years since every original member of the legendary group Fleetwood Mac performed and toured together. 

They are one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands of all time, selling over 100 million albums.

On Wednesday night the band will be rocking U.S. Airways Arena, but first tonight FOX 10 caught up with drummer and founder of the band Mick Fleetwood at a gallery in Scottsdale. 

Fleetwood's other passion besides music is his photography.

For such an imposing figure, Mick Fleetwood is 64, and he's an incredibly gentle, thoughtful, soft spoken man.

"I still have periods where I take a lot of pictures and think about it a lot, this is the sum of what I've taken," said Mick Fleetwood.

He's still following the path, in music and photography.

"And then I joined a rock and roll band many years later, and was the boring member of the band who took pictures all day long," he said. Then at night he would take his place behind a great band and was hardly boring. "We have affected people, and people love our music that still exists."

He says the band is still relevant today for one reason; they all love making music.

"They would truly be doing music with or without the money; it was nothing about being successful," said Fleetwood. 

People always ask him whether he'll release something like "Life on the Road with Fleetwood Mac" , he says he doesn't think so.

In less than 24 hours from the airing of this story, he will play in front of a sold out crowd. So how does Fleetwood keep his mind on photography? "I don't get overly thinking about it until I get to the show and get in the complete routine... you would have brought up that I suffer from stage fright, so you've actually triggered me already, I'll be drinking heavily tonight!" he said.

For the first time in 16 years, Christine McVei is back touring with the band so the lineup that produced "Rumours" , one of the best selling albums of all time, is back together.

FOX 10 News | fox10phoenix.com

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Get Hitched at Mick Fleetwood's Home... PLUS he can officiate your Wedding!

Well any one of these options would be cool if you are game for something a little different for your Wedding on Maui - and have the cash to do so.

Details at Fleetwoods On Front St.

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Photos | Video: Fleetwood Mac Live in Anaheim, CA December 7, 2014

Fleetwood Mac Live
Anaheim, CA  - December 7, 2014
Honda Center

Fleetwood Mac's Tearful Tribute to Local Cancer Patient
By Scott Feinblatt

If there's one nostalgic rock band the world needed to see reunite this year, it was Fleetwood Mac. And more specifically, it's millenials who seemed to need them the most. Aside from their noted influence on artists of the last decade, they've become one of the top rediscovered acts among the bohemian hipster set over the last couple years. Add that to the sheer brilliance of their performance as the band's immortal members hit the back end of their 60s, and you have a recipe for an amazing show at the Honda Center last night.

The show was a veritable kaleidoscope of entertainment. It consisted of a great set, terrific performances, a narrative thread of song introductions, a very impressive backing film, and the homecoming of Christine McVie. McVie's rejoining of bandmates Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Stevie Nicks, after a 16 year absence, provided the centerpiece of the show's nostalgic feeling.

The band's introductions for some of the songs acknowledged the ways in which Fleetwood Mac music has become interwoven with current pop culture. For example, Stevie Nicks expressed her appreciation for the way in which the television series American Horror Story has featured some of Mac's songs (one of the characters in the show is obsessed with Nicks). However, the inspirational dedication Nicks provided for the song "Landslide" won the award for best introduction of the evening. The song was dedicated to local teen Cecilia Bellissimo, whom Nicks explained had fought long and hard to defeat overwhelming odds and survive cancer. Bellissimo was in attendance.

Continue to the full review at the OC Weekly