Monday, January 02, 2012

Mick Fleetwood's Maui Estate becomes Vacation Rental Property

Maui's most infamous estate, becomes a vacation rental home for rock-n-roll fans

facebook Nestled within the sleepy little town of Napili Maui, you will see some of the most beautiful scenery and homes on the west side of the island. But there is one home hidden away from the rest, with enough history and stories within it's walls, to keep any rock-n-roll fan captivated for days. 

Since the 1970's, this iconic property has been home to rock and roll legend Mick Fleetwood and his family when returning back to Maui over the years.... and has been host to some of the biggest parties and guest lists in rock-n-roll. Over several decades, the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame band Fleetwood Mac, has entertained us all and inspired millions of adoring fans. Now Mick is continuing that legacy, not only by playing music, but by opening the doors to this legendary home and making it available to you.

Renting the home which accommodates 8 will set you back $1,350.00 per night with a $1,000 upfront deposit plus a $400 out cleaning charge.

For more information visit the Mick Fleetwood Estate website, or Facebook page


Anonymous said...

What a completely ridiculous amount to charge on a nightly basis. Is he bankrupt again?

Anonymous said...

times must b tough for mickey, better get another greatest hit tour goin!

Anonymous said...

On the contrary... this is a bargain! $1,750 per night (including cleaning) is dirt cheap. The place accommodates 8 people. Gather 8 friends and each one pays just about $220 each. Hotel rooms at resorts in that part of Maui run in the $500 range.

Anonymous said...

Quick search... Napili... more in the $300-$400 range, so this place is still a bargain if you've got a bunch of friends together for a wild overnighter!

Robert said...

It's not a ripoff, I mean, the place looks gorgeous, but my jaw hit the floor when I saw this. My god, this man will do ANYTHING for a buck. I thought one of the nice thing about having millions of dollars is that you DIDN'T have to worry about some crazed chiffonhead spending the night at your place and pissing on everything you own.

Anonymous said...

It IS cheap. Baffling all round, if it's for the money. And if it's not for the money, then WHY????

Aki Papamarkou said...

I think its cheap and i only wish i found out about this earlier. My fiancee and i have been getting ripped off from every angle whilst visiting Hawaii and if it comes with a fully set up drum kit then i'l be renting his place with total respect and gratitude the next time i visit. Rock on Mick ;)

John Bennett MD said...

This is not a bad price, considering the range of prices in Maui, the jewel of the islands.
He must be doing it to pay for his restaurant in Lahaina, those places costs lots of dough to run, plus all the people ripping you off.
Even experienced people lose money in restaurants, and an inexperience one like Mick is ripe for the pluckin'.

It is like an experienced restauranteur playing the drums, or Flashdancer, want to dance rather then welding.

But the place looks inviting before the next bankrupcy.

davidr said...

When you think about it, would you give a recovering drug addict and/or alcoholic, who had one really good LP, whose scruples are reportedly inferior, your hard-earned money to stay at his/her place?

Anonymous said...

Gosh looks fabulous to me! I'm sure he has several homes and like many owners of several homes they offer them for rent! I'm a Maui local and love his restaurant it's packed most nights!

Dee said...

It sleeps 8!! I would pay it!!

Debbie Smith said...

Get a few friends to go in with you !

BOOM ! I would love to stay here !

My next Hawaii trip is going to be to Maui !


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