Monday, January 16, 2012

Technically Speaking. Cubby Colby Talks About Mixing Quintessential Artist Lindsey Buckingham

Modern Technology With Old School Form For Lindsey Buckingham Concert Tour Cubby Colby talks about mixing a quintessential artist of this generation
Clair crew chief Rich Schoenadel (left) with
Cubby Colby prior to a Buckingham show

Life is a process of continual learning, from cradle to grave. Approach it any differently, and it stops.

This is certainly the mantra of Rob “Cubby” Colby, an industry vet with so much listed on his professional resume that it’s an order of magnitude easier to list who he hasn’t worked for as opposed to who he has.

Indeed, from Kansas to Prince and among a legion of others in between, countless artists have relied on Colby to manage either their monitor needs, those of the house, or both.

This group now also includes Lindsey Buckingham, whose just-concluded Seeds We Sow tour gained the benefit of Colby’s talents out front. 

Critically hailed for his solo work as well as that with Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham is a quintessential voice of his generation, having earned a place in the pantheon of 20th century postwar performers as a guitarist, singer, composer, and producer.

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