Friday, June 06, 2008

Biloxi Set List

Stevie played the Hard Rock Live in Biloxi tonight (June 5th)... Below is the unconfirmed setlist. And I have to say... Although I'm happy Stevie added HAEWAFY back in... (about 5 mintues ago I posted a video of the same tune and said I think she should ad it back in the setlist), I'm slightly confused by yet another cover tune being added to her set! She's got a massive amount of tunes that she could play of her own that she either hasn't played in years, or hasn't played live at all... Not sure what the deal is with that... Is she afraid they don't Rock enough!?

Anyway... Big thanks to Stephanie over on The Ledge for being the first one in with the setlist. The order may not be as listed, but she did open with Outside The Rain / Dreams.

Set list

  1. Outside the Rain
  2. Dreams
  3. Stand Back
  4. Sorcerer
  5. If Anyone Falls
  6. Landslide
  7. Crash
  8. Fall from Grace
  9. Face the Promise
  10. Gold Dust Woman
  11. Rhiannon
  12. How Still My Love
  13. Edge of Seventeen


  1. Rock and Roll
  2. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You

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Anonymous said...

She looked and sounded buddy and I left at the very end to catch up with the limo. We were pushed away and she entered the car but would not sign autographs or anything. Very quick exit. The bouncer told me that she is "very" strange about anyone talking with her after the show or standing around her. You could tell!!! 10 bouncers who blocked the exit and you could hardly even see her get into the limo. What a crock! There were only two of us and she didn't even acknowlege us. Music, she could have done more of her own music. I agree with the covers, if I want to hear dave mathews or bob segar, I'll buy a ticket to see them perform. She did converse on the mic from time to time and introduce the band and her sister in law (another Nicks) who was a red headed back up singer. Expensive tickets, around $150 for standing room only in the back. Great sound at the Hard Rock; congrats to them! She started almost 30 minutes late. I wasn't there for the encore if there was one. Apparently not. Love the music but she did not offer the fans what you would expect. Late arrival, missed a lot of her key songs, no autographs. Ookla

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