Monday, June 09, 2008

Wal-Mart + Fleetwood Mac = New Release

A quote from the New York Times surfaced today by Irving Azoff, founder and chief executive of FrontLine Management regarding the possibility of a NEW Fleetwood Mac release. (Azoff's partner in FrontLine is Howard Kaufman, Stevie's Manager, formerly of H.K Management) FrontLine acquired H.K Management in January, 2005. H.K Management at the time also managed Fleetwood Mac so I'm assuming they are now under the FrontLine umbrella.

The article is about the latest round of artists to release cd's and dvd's exclusively through Wal-Mart by-passing the major labels all together. The article doesn't indicate that this is new music from Fleetwood Mac, just that Azoff is talking to Wal-Mart about it's possibility.

Good news to me!!!!

"Mr. Azoff said that he was already talking to Wal-Mart about an exclusive deal for Fleetwood Mac's next release. “Classic rock really works there,” Mr. Azoff said."

New York Times

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