Wednesday, December 17, 2008

January sees new CD from Stevie Nicks

Bloomberg Arts and Cultural Reviewer Mark Beech has a stack of Advance Releases to go through over the holidays... One of them is a cd by Stevie Nicks. Could this be the Live Chicago Soundstage cd that's been bounced around as far as release dates goes and is expected in March, 2009? Or is this now back on the January release schedule? Or am I miss-reading this?

signed confused.....

RAL250 (see comments) contacted Mark Beech who double checked with Stevie's Record Company (Warner Bros.) and the record company confimed with him that the release date is in fact March, 2009.

Thanks RAL250!


I’ll spend Christmas listening to Santogold’s “Santogold” (Downtown) -- a strange brew of synths and soul -- and “Welcome to Mali” (Because Music) by Amadou & Mariam, a world-music gem. There’s also a stack of advance releases. January sees new CDs from Stevie Nicks, Antony & the Johnsons, Kylie Minogue, Franz Ferdinand and Bruce Springsteen. Next year may be even better.


Anonymous said...

I emailed Mark to ask if he knew if the release date had changed, and he replied that he had been promised a copy from the record company and it had not arrived yet. He said he would give an update soon.

Anonymous said...

Mark updated me and said he checked on the release date and the record company now says that the release date is in March, and he will update the article.

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