Sunday, June 21, 2009


Crowd Shot of Fleetwood Mac in New Orleans 06.20.09
Video/Photo by: by achgcs

Silver Springs was dropped on this last US date... By the sounds of it in Nashville the night before, Stevie was struggling. Two more shows left (Calgary and Edmonton) to close out the North American dates before a few months off for the band before Europe. I hope she gives her voice a rest over the next couple of days to unleash this song one last time for these two Canadian dates - it's so good live!. One bonus for New Orleans though is that Stevie spoke about and sang a few lines (accapella) of a NEW song she had written about New Orleans after Katrina hit. She spoke about the song a few years ago in the press but no sign of it being recorded just yet... Maybe if they manage to get it together for an album she'll consider finally recording it! No video has surfaced of her singing it... yet. Would love to see and hear it if anyone managed to capture that moment during the show.

Silver Springs - Nashville


Anonymous said...

Really wasn't happy that Silver Springs was dropped cause it's one of my favorite songs and Don't Stop is my least favorite, so for me that wasn't a great way to end the show.
Now the sound...did anyone else who was at the NO show feel that it was way too loud? To me it felt like someone had cranked up a home stereo system too loud to the point where it actually distorts the sound. It was utter crap, and I don't think the band themselves had anything to do with it.
The performance/setlist - Awesome! They did what they set out to do: have fun and play songs people want to hear. Everything that they played was perfect. Highlights: Storms (how could they never have played this before?!), Sara, Landslide, Oh Well, I Know I'm Not Wrong.

I really hope a DVD (Blu-Ray)/CD of this show is released soon so I can truly enjoy it at the right volume at home.

Anonymous said...

ran across this posting and wanted to say cool and thanks for using my pic/video but also crediting both to me. great stuff on here! @achgcs

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