Thursday, June 25, 2009


Fleetwood Mac ensures P.E.I. Steve Nicks fan sees Edmonton concert

EDMONTON — A lifelong dream finally came true Wednesday night when a fan from Prince Edward Island finally saw her idol Stevie Nicks up close and personal at a Fleetwood Mac concert in Edmonton.

“I am beside myself, I’m ecstatic,” Pauline Doucette said before the show, wearing a black T-shirt bearing the singer’s image and holding a bag of gifts for the band.

“This is unbelievable, a memory of a lifetime.”

Doucette originally held tickets for Fleetwood Mac’s May 13 concert in Edmonton. She had saved money for months to pay the airfare.

But the concert was cancelled at the last minute when a member of the band fell ill.

In some ways, it didn’t surprise Doucette — in her hometown of Summerside, P.E.I., her nickname is “Black Cloud Polly,” an indicator of a long string of bad luck and her struggle as a 45-year-old single mother living off a disability pension.

But her luck changed when the band heard her story.

For the rescheduled concert, they ensured she had a room at a posh hotel, filled with band memorabilia including T-shirts and autographed photos, as well as a chance to meet the band members with a backstage pass.

The band had also offered to fly her back out to Edmonton, but she had already accepted an offer from a woman — a complete stranger — who offered to give Doucette her Air Miles for free.

“I’m still speechless,” Doucette said Wednesday. “It’s beyond anything I had expected.”

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