Sunday, June 07, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Unleashed in San Diego

Fleetwood Mac - San Diego Concert Review
Full Review by: Ryan Cameron

"It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long time and it was just one of the most magical evenings in a long time."

"the concert was phenomenal, probably as close to a religious experience as one gets for a non-church goer."

"Lindsey Buckingham was absolutely amazing on guitar all night long."

"Lindsey clearly deserves the right to shine and even though he took several opportunities to perform guitar solos, it felt conservative."

"It’s very clear these men are extremely talented when it comes to mastery of their instruments."

"It seems the only one not feeling the need to have a solo moment was John McVie."

"The audience was absolutely rapturous for Fleetwood Mac."

"The concert experience was definitely something to be witnessed."

"I think it was a great way to acknowledge Christine’s role in the band’s history"

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Anonymous said...

Lindsay's guitar on "i'm so Afraid" was incredible, he had the audience in his grip and we loved it. It was one of the few genuine "wow" moments at a concert I've ever had.

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