Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Details are leaking out regarding Whitney Houstons upcoming cd release on September 1, 2009. Apparently Whitney recorded the Stevie Nicks song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" for a possible inclusion on the upcoming release... Someone on Twitter that goes by the name of: Sholoongo Sweet heard 17 potential tracks for the disc and the no. 1 song on the cd she heard was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You".

First off... I can't even imagine what Whitney would sound like on this... Second, I want to hear her sing it!! And personally, I think she should include it!! Whitney has an extraordinary voice and Stevie's song is so beautiful, a perfect fit!

The sad news is that Sholoongo Sweet is also reporting that two cover tracks Whitney recorded, may not make the final cut - one of them being the Stevie cover...

A full interview on how Whitney's new cd sounds can be found here... The quote in the interview regarding Stevie's song is:

Derek Sheldon (DS): Ok, first question you have heard the new CD by Whitney how much did you hear and how many tracks were there?

Sholoongo Sweet(SS):I heard about 17 songs on the version of the CD that I heard in May. I did not see "song titles" or "credits." The number 1 song is written by Stevie Nicks called "Has Anybody Ever Written Anything For You" ---ballad cover, but my date said it may not make the CD. (For the record I love this song made famous by Stevie Nicks-DS)


John Demetry said...

There's gotta be boots of this somewhere

Anonymous said...

That is the most eery thing ever. As soon as I heard that Whitney passed I wanted to go listen to "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" ... but I felt like I should listen to Whitney instead... and then I read this. Wow.

Anonymous said...

please world, if Whitneys cover of this song really does exist lets hear it now!!!!

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