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Katastrofelyd i Parken

Premiereaftenen på Fleetwood Macs Europa-turné blev skændet af de horrible lydforhold i Parken. Men hvor var Lindsey Buckingham dog fantastisk.

Af Thomas Søie Hansen
Torsdag den 8. oktober 2009

Med blot to dage til den vigtigste fodboldkamp i dette årtusinde, måtte Morten Olsen og hans 11 udvalgte overlade Parkens græstæppe til et af populærmusikkens mere kulørte kapitler, nemlig Fleetwood Mac.

Dannet i 1967 bluesrockens tegn, hædret og hyldet i niveau med datidens Stones med en primær sangskriver- og guitarist, som forsvandt fra både sig selv og bandet i en rus af syretrips. For både otte- ti- og tolv år senere at vælte om ikke verden, så i hvert fald hitlisterne med albums bestående af lige dele softrock og perfektioneret voksenpop. Alene bandets ’77 skive ”Rumours”, som blevet lavet på nid, hævn, psykisk terror og sorg over to ødelagte ægteskaber mellem bandmedlemmerne og på et Mount Everest-højt bjerg af kokain, har rundet et salgstal på 40 millioner eksemplarer.

Den slags er rockhistorie af den helt rigtige slags.

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Translated Version:

Katastrofelyd in the Park

Premier evening on Fleetwood Mac's European tour was desecrated by the horrible sound conditions in the park. But where was Lindsey Buckingham, however, fantastic.

By Thomas Søie Hansen
Thursday 8 October 2009

With just two days to the most important football game in this millennium, it had Morten Olsen and his 11 chosen to leave the park græstæppe to one of popular music's more colorful chapters: Fleetwood Mac.

Formed in 1967, Blue Rock character, honored and celebrated at the level of contemporary Stones with a primary songwriter and guitarist, who disappeared from both himself and the band in an intoxicated syretrips. For both otte-ti-and twelve years later to overthrow the world does not, then at least the charts with albums consisting of equal parts of soft rock and perfected voksenpop. Only the band's '77 disc "Rumors" as the centerpiece of spit, revenge, psychological terror and grief of two broken marriages between gang members and at a Mount Everest-high mountain of cocaine, has a rounded sales figures of 40 million copies.

It is kind of rock history of the right kind.

Pure pleasure
Why Fleetwood Mac, which has been dissolved and restored countless times and constellations, all touring, let alone why they have chosen to open the European leg in Copenhagen, is not known with certainty - they have no new album to sell, there would still be a little cash in various accounts, so it can probably only be merry, which operates the plant.

Desire for the meeting with the idols were painted directly into the faces of the approximately 19,000 peer audience in front of the stage, it is now silver Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and they still look fantastic, Steve Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham - the four remaining members of what one might call the second edition of Fleetwood Mac, where the London meetings, San Francisco and creates many magical moments in time cubes and tones. The audience had no means forgotten them, even if it's 22 years ago, wrote to Buckingham Fleetwood Mac's last great song.

In the foreground rays both Steve Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, the former couple, singing signatories. They do indeed. Both had immediate contact with the audience. Buckingham, who looks like the same rock star he was for over 30 years ago, said after only a few tracks on the band's mildly turbulent history of psychological ups and downs even more, which he more or less promises a new album around the corner.

Later remembers Nicks at times in San Francisco in the sixties with the city's final phenomenal music scene as the best time in his life. Hujer audience, applauding and nodding in assent to the call to have a wonderful, festive evening.

The sound destroys everything
But it is a difficult, if not impossible mission, the sound is horrible, the worst I have ever heard in the park, only Fleetwood drums work in the soundstage.

Vowels, and Buckingham McVies bass guitars smashing and smashing in the soundstage. One gets the urge to cry, the melody is just as important a part of Fleetwod Mac's identity. Only occasionally can guess the indisputable delicate melodies, the songs are built, but the instruments within the scope and calling out, is almost impossible to hear. The nuances are there, away.

Especially is Stevie Nicks' usually so poetic and sensitive vocals beaten beyond recognition, the annoying noise.

Maybe play Fleetwood Mac a good concert underneath it all, presumably they can still, it can at least hope, but in fact it is not known.

Beautiful Buckingham
First, far down in the set begins park to give way when Lindsey Buckingham alone with his acoustic guitar, plays and sings "Big Love" which was the point.

Here he drowned discord with a crazy intense gripping appearance. Wow, 110 percent pure emotion. Audiences respond adequately to the evening's climax.

Similarly, acoustic but otherwise gently while continuing Buckingham Stevie Ncks comes in and sings "Landslide", together they sing then "Never Going Back Again". Only two, really well, mostly him, Buckingham is entirely discretionary.

Even when it is noisy and muddy, cut his intensity and desire through the dirt and makes "Oh Well" for tonight's other big moment. And the evocative "I'm So Affraid" to a third. Buckingham still has something at stake, far more than you can see with the naked eye and hear his vocals and solos.

After nearly two hours, with the snarling divorce song "Go Your Own Way" (a worldwide hit, long before the Internet age), sausage in the end, yesterday Fleetwood Mac from the stage to deafening cheers. It has not abated since the protagonists three minutes later again entrer the end of the park, where Jon Dahl will score twice on Saturday against the Swedes!

The mood in here is high, even under Mick Fleetwood too long and bøvede drum solo (eruption), and another pophit, this time "Do not Stop", but it is no less euphoric. Chance to reach up there, the park has long acoustically deprived Fleetwood Mac and the audience. Practice.

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