Thursday, March 04, 2010


More bits of info via Twitter and Dave Stewart.... Hit the link to his twitter page.

With references to Fleetwood Mac meets the Beatles meets Tom Petty meets the Eurythmics... This sounds epic!

Today - March 4th
"Now driving over to Stevie Nick's place to make more majik"

"working on 4 songs with Stevie now very fast capturing the essence of the music and poetry keeping it spontaneous ,sounds amazing"

yep it is awesome stuff , Stevie's Voice is soaring !!!

March 3rd
"back to Stevie Nick's house more songs on the go :)"

From earlier in the week
"wrote a great song with Stevie Nicks on Monday called "Everybody Loves You"

and when asked if this means Stevie's making a new album?.... He responded with:
"she's on top form and I see that possibility"

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