Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another vote of confidence if you will... for Stevie's new album

This bit of info on Stevie's new album is just one more indication of big things to come in 2011 for Ms Nicks! 

[Danny Zelisko is the Chairman of Live Nation Southwest]  He took to his Facebook page last night and stated...:  "listening to the new Stevie Nicks album at brother Chris' house in PV. Easily her best ever, and it doesn't hurt that she is sitting right here..."

And a followup

"all 14 songs were wonderful, rocking, perfect and poignant, not overproduced but no detail left undone...I can't wait to hear it again and again, which wont be for awhile. I think this bodes well for 2011, where music will regain the focus over all of the business surrounding the industry. This is what i call a career masterpiece."

Info source:
The Ledge, Everything That is Fleetwood Mac

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