Sunday, April 17, 2011

(Review) Phoenix, AZ - Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks US Airways

Phoenix Concert Review: Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart–Apr. 15, 2011, US Airways

If you ask me who I like better, Stevie or Rod—it really is a tossup. Yes, they are both known for a raspy style of singing, both have been around for some 30 years making truly legendary music and both artist’s records and CDs fill my music collection – but there is just one thing that makes it impossible to choose—they are both amazingly and uniquely talented--unique being the key word…but more on that in a moment.

A bill with two such superstars is always a big draw, and so it was not a surprise to see a very full, near sell-out crowd at last night’s show. Stevie came on first almost exactly on time, which I think left a good chuck of the crowd stuffed in the tunnels trying to get in—but when you have two full sets from two mega-artist’s you need to get started. She opened with “Stand Back,” and I was pleased to hear a strong voice in top form from Stevie. “Outside the Rain,” was followed by the amazing Fleetwood Mac tune she performed beautifully, “Dreams.”

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