Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FIRST LISTEN... Song Samples from Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" Now Available!

Listen to Song Samples at the Barnes and Noble Website 
in the Overview section

1 Secret Love 3:15
2 For What It's Worth 4:32
3 In Your Dreams 3:58
4 Wide Sargasso Sea 5:36
5 New Orleans 5:34
6 Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream) 5:26
7 Annabel Lee 5:58
8 Soldier's Angel 5:16
9 Everybody Loves You 5:16
10 Ghosts Are Gone 6:06
11 You May Be The One 5:26
12 Italian Summer 4:38
13 Cheaper Than Free 3:38

In Your Dreams finds Stevie Nicks weaving her signature vocals through a mix of Bob Dylan-inspired folk songs, Italian love ballads, and rock anthems. Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell co-wrote two tracks, while Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard shared production duties. Nicks' first solo album in a decade, In Your Dreams comes out May 3rd

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Anonymous said...

All of them completely awesome!! She has done it once again! Great job Stevie!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO GOLD DUST WOMAN, Stevie is the reigning QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL!! What took you so long to release your wonderful poetry!! This is her BEST WORK .a DREAM COME TRUE!!

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