Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KYLIE adores him, Stevie Nicks wants to do dinner @Reecemastin

Published by @Nickslive of Fleetwood Mac News and Reveiws:

KYLIE adores him, Stevie Nicks wants to do dinner and tens of thousands of teen and tween girls are playing his debut hit Good Night right now.

Stevie Nicks, has taken XFactor Australia Reece Mastin under her wing.  Nicks invited him to hang out after her Sydney Entertainment Centre gig, gave him a gold crescent moon pendant and made plans to catch up for dinner before she leaves Australia.

"I got to meet Stevie Nicks last night, she's amazing. She's given me advice, a present. She doesn't give these out to everyone. She's like my mum away from mum," he said.

Adelaide Now

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Anonymous said...

Stevie IS an amazing, giving person. She seems to just get better with time. She actually looks more radiant and healthy than these young kids. If somebody told me this was a photo of a 30-year old woman, I'd totally believe it.

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