Sunday, February 19, 2012

(Video) He's back... Lindsey Buckingham Once Again on SNL "What Up With That"

SNL sketch "What Up With That" with Kenan Thompson featuring Lindsey Buckingham, (portrayed by Bill Hader), was back on tonight during the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. Along with Lindsey, this week’s guest were Kate Upton and Bill O’Reilly.  Kenan called this Lindsey's 100th appearance - which it could very well be... I lost count on the number of times over the last couple of years Bill Hader has played Lindsey... His character never gets to speak, which is kind of the punch line.

Check out tonights sketch here

Bill Hader’s Lindsey Buckingham once again got screwed out of a chance to talk. Kenan Thompson’s host claimed that Hader’s Fleetwood Mac star would get a chance to display his special Presidents Day talent on a video on the fictional show’s website, only to reveal that that’s not actually a thing they do. Well, it turns out that he was wrong as SNL has now released the video online.

Lindsey Buckingham honors our nation's Presidents when he's finally given a chance to speak.

The real Lindsey Buckingham finally made an official appearance not as part of the panel, but in a walk on in May, 2011 when Paul Simon was the guest performer...

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