Friday, June 22, 2012

30 Summer Tour Dates Announced so far for Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac

Shows scheduled through the southern United States, across the south west, up through the mid west and into Canada.
More dates to be announced for sure.  Look for dates between August 7th and 18th and possibly a couple between August 28th and Sept 6th aside from Sept 2nd in Iowa City.  Not sure how far this leg will stretch beyond what's booked in September, but with the wealth of small venues across the US and Canada, Lindsey could literally tour non-stop for a year and not hit the same place twice!  We know that won't happen, it's gotta end at some point as Fleetwood Mac beckons in the first part of 2013 and he'll need to rest up for that... So if you get a chance to see him solo and alone this Summer... DO IT!

Edit: June 22, 2012 6:00pm
Added the following new dates taking it from 23 dates announced to 30:

August 6th - Clearwater, FL
August 8th - Miami, FL
August 17th - Baton Rouge, LA
August 29th - Washburn, WI
August 31st - Council Bluffs, IA
September 1st - Des Moines, IA
September 4th - St. Charles, IL

Complete listing of dates are finally posted on Lindsey's official site

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Sept 6
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* VIP Meet & Greet with Lindsey Buckingham Available:
July 27th Franklin, TN
July 29th Spartanburg, SC
August 2nd Carrboro, NC
August 4th North Charleston, NC
August 7th Orlando, FL
August 17th Baton Rouge, LA
August 26th & 27th Chicago, IL
Sept 1st Des Moines, IA
Sept 6th Belleville, ON


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks so much for putting all that info into one place. Nickslive ROCKS.

Anonymous said...

Godspeed to him, but not an ideal schedule for a man into his 60s. Besides the performances, there's all the traveling, and it's not in FMac style.

Ask most people what "Lindsey'' is doing, and they'd reply driving badly and shooting 'Liz And Dick'- why such a long tour, anyway? Must be for the love of it. But it's kind of 'go insane' of him, I think.

''Enter competition'', highwayman. You win, you have more solo dates.

Anonymous said...

2 meet and greets in North Carolina? Good Lord, they'll talk him to death.
He'll be late for the stage or the plane, for sure. NICE people, but, well, he'll see :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate having the dates in one area, but can we please get the dates between green bay and September 6th asap?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is an opportunity to reinstate those cancelled UK dates from last year? I'm sure there are many fans over here that would love to see his one man show.

Anonymous said...

^^THIS web master on this amazing site keeps no-one waiting, if there's info, it's HERE. Perhaps, you could call Buckingham's management directly, if the tons of dates kindly supplied here aren't enough. Maybe Lindsey has kid birthdays, family responsibilities, or a medical checkup to make sure he's not overdoing this between Green Bay and Sept. 6.

What IS it about North Carolina? FIVE dates there- have there been RIOTS?? ''we wawwnt lainzeee, we wawwnt lainzeee''-- never knew his solo career was so in demand in the region. 5 dates in one state and 2 of them meet and greets. Like someone said, he'll regret THAT!

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself. I simply asked a question. Perhaps you didn't notice that I offered a compliment earlier in what I wrote about the person that runs this site.either that or you can't read.I'm betting on the latter.

Anonymous said...

uk dates would be good after them being cancalled last year!

Angie said...

Just a small correction to this list - North Charleston is on South Carolina, not NC. :)

To Anonymous 3&5 - what is wrong with North Carolina? Why would he regret M&Gs here? Are you people this rude in everyday life, face to face with people, or only when you can be "anonymous" on the internet?

Angie said...

*'in' South Carolina

Nickslive said...

Thanks Angie

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath re UK dates - I keep on asking him and he does promise to come but won't commit to a time frame. He'll come but goodness only knows when!

Anonymous said...

^^ TALK TO LINDESY?!?! Please tell us more.

Anonymous said...

lol - well I've had a few chats with him over last couple of months during west and east coast legs as I've flown over and caught some shows. And every time I nag him about the UK - and every time he promises me he'll come but can't say when. I will ask him again in August.......

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with commending the postmaster of this site. Thanks to YOU, I found out about VIP tickets! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Anonymous said...

WASHBURN TIX ARE ON SALE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^Hey UK Anon. You single?



Anonymous said...

lol - cheeky ;)

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