Saturday, June 16, 2012

Video: Press Line - Stevie Nicks with Bette Midler - Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony

Press Line video footage ahead of entering the Marriott Marquis in New York City Thursday night at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony. 
Stevie chatting with Bette with Stevie's Assistant Karen looking on
Below: Stevie with Emmylou Harris


Anonymous said...

Was Bette feeling clever, funny, as she is both?

" I don't think the song has never sounded better'' she said of Stevie singing 'The Rose'

I know Bette and Stevie are friendly, so doubt it was intentionally insulting. Say the line without the ''don't''-- that would be a compliment to Stevie.
Or maybe Bette actually said ''ever'' which would be high praise. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

ANDDDDDDDDD I was thinking Stevie's comment about Bette, that "She sings these songs, like she wrote them herself" was a similar backhand compliment, errrrr, insult (seeing that the event was SONGWRITERS yada yada).

Of course Stevie is right on!

Anonymous said...

Or could the "I don't think the song has never sounded better'' remark have been a typo, or was Bette recorded saying "I don't think..." (musing) "The song has never sounded better".

Anonymous said...

These women have been friends for a long time. That should speak to the meaning of their comments and not speculation of people who don't honestly know a thing about them on a personal level.

Anonymous said...

I hate Stevie wearing those sunglasses. She is still beautiful and shouldn't hide her face, especially while singing.

And Stevie and Bette became friends in the late 1970's because Bette was a Fleetwood Mac fan and used to attend their concerts and go backstage. She originally loved Stevie, who over the years became friends with her.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Stevie getting an award? I mean really. Kind of messed up that she has to hand out the award when all know she deserves one. Hello awards commitee?

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