Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM "rarely misses the opportunity to leave your jaw dangling"

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM at McKinney Arts Center, McKinney, TX (Aug 23) ** SOLD OUT
By Michele Stevens Bernard

This concert with Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has been sold out for weeks. Selected by the Dallas Morning News as the concert of the month in the metroplex, Lindsey will be rocking the Courtroom Theater stage to a packed house at the McKinney Performing Arts Center on Thursday night.  Lindsey, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (with Fleetwood Mac), has won countless awards, selling out venues around the world and helping define the sound of rock for the last three decades. We're excited to have him performing in McKinney. Rock On!

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM at Cendera Center, Fort Worth, TX (Aug 24)

These days, Lindsey Buckingham seems to prefer the quiet storms. His solo output, including last year's effort, Seeds We Sow, leans heavily on finger-picked acoustic guitar and hushed, intimate vocals, which can build to a low boil. Not that his days in Fleetwood Mac were legendary for their bombast (well, perhaps his contributions to Tusk), but the legendarily intense Buckingham has mellowed into an introspective singer-songwriter with an affinity for left-field sonics. He'll be served well by the cozy Cendera Center and its terrific acoustics. This current solo jaunt helps Buckingham pass the time before a reported Fleetwood Mac reunion, set for next year. GET TICKETS

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM at Cendera Center, Fort Worth, TX (Aug 24)
By Chris Parker
Dallas Observer

Buckingham doesn't get enough credit for how his mid-'70s addition transformed Fleetwood Mac, with too much of it flowing to his one-time paramour Stevie Nicks. The band hit their apogee on the new lineup's first three albums together — Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tusk — before speeding downhill during the '80s. A tremendous producer who loves to ladle on the layers, Buckingham is an equally gifted pop craftsman and guitarist with an adventurous streak. This latter characteristic is particularly applicable to his latest album, Seeds We Sow. Its raw, largely acoustic home-studio vibe is surprisingly understated, allowing the complexity of his playing and lyrical poignancy to possess the whole stage.  GET TICKETS

LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM at City Winery, Chicago, IL (Aug 26 & 27) ** SOLD OUT
By Thomas Conner
Chicago Sun Times

Fleetwood Mac is making noise about another reunion next year, and another new indie-rock tribute album to the '70s supergroup is out now. Meanwhile, the band's creative center and superfluously talented guitarist keeps making the rounds, playing some of the Mac hits in among his own intricate, edgy solo material. He rarely misses the opportunity to leave your jaw dangling. Bonus: It's one of the first shows at this swank, new West Loop venue.   At 8 p.m. Aug. 26-27 at City Winery, 1200 W. Randolph. Tickets: $80-100. Call (312) 733-WINE;


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