Friday, August 24, 2012

Reviews x 3 Lindsey Buckingham Live in McKinney

Lindsey Buckingham unleashes a torrent of potent solo and Fleetwood Mac songs during one-man show
By Mario Tarradell
Dallas Morning News

McKINNEY – It only took Lindsey Buckingham two songs to unleash a torrent of potency that would immediately color his one-man concert performance in dramatic shades of red and black.

He was singing “Bleed to Love Her,” a track from Fleetwood Mac’s 2003 album Say You Will, and his voice was an intense series of whispers and screams. His guitar work was at once menacing and delicate, an intricate pastiche that amazed at every turn.

Buckingham delivered 13 numbers during 75 minutes Thursday night at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, a courthouse converted into a venue with impressive acoustics. His intimate turn onstage touched on some of his Mac contributions as well as material from four of his solo albums.

"Buckingham turned just about every song he played inside out"

Great Review!!  Continue to the full version here... Includes a couple of great shots of Lindsey.

Review: Lindsey Buckingham at McKinney Performing Arts Center
By Robert Philpot
Photo by: Laura Smetak
McKINNEY -- All too often, when an artist familiar from a band context puts on a one-man (or -woman) show, it's a pleasant but ordinary experience: The songs done more quietly, probably acoustically, but not changed all that much from their original incarnation.

Lindsey Buckingham is too much of a risk-taker for that, and in a relatively brief but exhilarating concert Thursday at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, Buckingham -- accompanied solely by his raft of guitars and a few effects -- turned the whole idea of "quiet one-man show" on its head.

"The closing guitar solo on the latter-day Fleetwood Mac song
 Come was brain-frying in the best way"

Another great Review + Photos! Check it out in full at

Review: Lindsey Buckingham proves his worth as one of world’s greatest guitarists
by Angie Bado

MCKINNEY — "Awesome, amazing, and fantastic" were some of the adjectives that I heard from fans as they left the McKinney Performing Arts Center following Lindsey Buckingham's performance there Thursday night.

Buckingham, who graced the stage before a packed house, has still got it. The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter has won numerous accolades and awards over the course of his lengthy career. He's best known as guitarist and male lead singer for Fleetwood Mac and as a solo performer. And on Thursday, he held the audience captive from the first note, as he opened with "Cast Away Dreams."

"Yes, Buckingham is still all that and a bag of chips"

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