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Update: Tour Stats... Stevie Nicks Solo + 3 Heart & Soul Dates

Solo and Heart and Soul Tour
Below are the shows reported on so far.
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Regarding the Uncasville show... It is odd that the attendance figure at 3,384 is being reported with a capacity of 3,786.  The venue IS far larger then that... As an example, in April, 2008 when Stevie played the same venue, these were the numbers that were reported:  Attendance: 7,466  |  Capacity: 7,681

So I think this number this year that was reported can't be correct.  And like someone said below, good seats and tickets were hard to come by for this show.


John said...

I was at the Connecticut show....There were more than 3,400 people there. The arena supposedly holds 10,000 people. I didn't see too many empty seats (aside from the ones behind the stage), so I don't know where they got their numbers from.....

Anonymous said...

I went to the Connecticut show, too. I waited for premium tickets before the show, and nothing was returned to the box office. Tickets were hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

Mohegan Sun is always sketchy with tallies- it is a 10,000 seat arena, but they seldomly have all sections made available, that may be saved for sporting events, to the backs or extreme lefts and rights of the stage.

This one seems easy to guestimate about= The 3,384 people BOUGHT their probably lousy seats from either ticketmaster or the venue. Probably 4.500 seats were comped by the casino, which is why few if any good seats were made available to the general public.
Many of the high-rollers re-sold their tickets via stubhub or in person.
The casino itself sells many of the best unused comps to the various ticket outlets, just like the high rollers do. It's a gambling venue, they don't have integrity, it's about profit, of course. Mohegan Sun works with the scalpers for a cut. They always have. Last year, day before the show, i bought a close floor seat for Stevie and Rod- 7th row i think, and picked them up the next day at the casino and the man and woman had hundreds of tickets when they pulled out my one lone ticket, with tons of security cameras and casino personnel witnessing tickets being sold a not-far distance from the box office. So, the casino's in on it, too, of course. It sucks for the biggest fans who don't know how corrupt the casinos are with the availability of good tickets that they just won't release.
i'd say total attendance was about 7,000 to 7800 hundred this year, with the 4000 plus unaccounted tickets actually 'comp' seats that have a $0 value printed on the ticket, but sell for triple or more of face value.
For older, gay fans, or for trivia junkies- When Liza with z hip replacements played the Mohegan Sun a cpl yrs back, total capacity was listed as about 2600 with 2200 reported in attendance.

Anonymous said...

^ i should clarify- day before the show, i found a quite good seat on, which seems to be the site that last-minute cancellation tickets go to. i paid on the net via credit card, the next day by johnny rocket's burgers, i showed my id, and the man and woman had an envelope with my name written on it. they had about 150 envelopes that looked just like mine.
Furtherbore, for Fleetwood Mac i bought a seat at the venue, not floor. i was right in front of a large screen, and there were ticket mixups in my row. I went to complain, and was directed to the main man who nodded and said 'you'll be much happier with this' and he asked for my ticket, which i believe had a $175 price printed on it. He then gave me a row 1 ticket to the left of the stage, and it said $0 on it. He kept the $175 ticket and it would be easy to retrieve the stubs, electronically sequenced. So i got to see SN enter and leave the stage between every song or every other song and could read the teleprompters, and while not on the floor, technically i was closer as i was maybe 15 feet from SN, and it was Lindsey who really worked the floor crowd down front. Great show. Unleashed tour, first leg. So just wanted to backup the casino claims i made above. Anyone is welcome to disagree, peace.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Guch wrote a book on Kiss's touring history that has information on attendance I think will be helpful:

"Capacity can be a confusing subject.

Most ticket buyers will naturally assume the capacity for a concert to be the number of people possible in a chosen venue. As sensible as this seems, it is rare for a concert's capacity figure to reflect the venue's capacity.
When schedling a show,one of the first things a promoter does is to make a rough estimate of how many tickets they think will sell. Reducing the capacity for show below the venue's true capacity is called "scaling" the event. One advantage to this is reporting a sellout (good for both the promoter and the band) for an event whose ticket manifest sells out. This explains why you may see a sellout of 5,000 tickets for one artist at Anywhere Civic Arena one night and a sellout of 15,000 for another artist the next night at the same venue. "

This system is in perpetual use at outdoor venues with general admission lawn seating where it is vertually impossible to tell with any accuracy how many fans are seated on blankets or standing shoulder to shoulder on a lawn.

It is due to situatiions such as scaling, comped tickets, double sold seats, and contest giveaway tickets that many big name artists demand a guarenteed fee for performing. On a smaller scale, it is why, as a member of a popular cover band, I have a trusted (and rather large) buddy working the door at our club gigs instead of someone who works for the club. It insures accurate accounting! Hope this info helps clear things up.

Anonymous said...

I went to 2 shows one being in boston but I tried to get some tickets last minute too. in hopes to get some near the stage. but nothing came up so I did not go to this show. wanted to but did not go. so if they ate some seats then they derisive it for holding them like that i never have any luck at this venue any.

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