Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Stevie Nicks Performing Tonight in New York City For iHeart Radio [Photos]

iHeart Radio Private Event 
New York City iHeart Theatre.  

Stevie Nicks performs at iHeartRadio and MediaLink Present Stevie Nicks for Advertising Week in New York City.  From what I gather there were only about 150 people at the private media event.

Earlier today there were a couple of Tweets sent out of photos of Stevie's equipment cases backstage at the iHeart Theater in NYC saying:

"Really looking forward to this. The lovely Stevie Nicks in the house tonight! 
@ IHeartRadio Theater"

Photo by: Felicia on Twitter
Above two Twitter Photos by Jeana Costa and DibS 

Below photos by Jennifer Bow and Steven R - Twitter

Setlist from tonight provided by Davey_D on Twitter


Anonymous said...

Stevie Looks GREAT!! Nice Pics.

Anonymous said...

Please please come to UK Stevie!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why she likes to use 'Fleetwood Mac wardrobe trunks' on her solo dates-the Gemini in her would love separate trunks for solo tours and Mac tours, and it's not like they're ''that'' costly.

She's the greatest, it doesn't matter. Maybe the clothes prefer being in the Fleetwood Mac trunks and told Stevie and she thought ''the clothes have been good to me, so I'd better listen to them'. Or, maybe Mick, John, and Lindsey get rental fees and she's being generous to a fault to the band.
A peel-off 'Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams wardrobe promotion 2010-2015' decal would even work while on loan from Fleetwood Mac. I may have exaggerated the dates.

I admire Stevie more than ever for how diligent she has been in promoting the cd, and especially for how the documentary is days away, and she or 'they' got Janet Maslin in all of the NY Times prestige/cache/whatever that she will bring to the event. It's no accident, and for a reason, for sure.

Stevie Nicks has worked so hard, it's already paid off on tour and in reinvigorating her creative artistry and with the documentary it will pay off even more- I think and hope. Don't hate: wait til 'Italian Summer' gets the exposure it gets, becomes a video from the film much like 'Sara' was from "Tusk" and watch for a hit. Disagree, if you like, but I think so and hope so. Who tucks their tusk? What?

Maury said...

I heart iHeart Radio! Holla John Sykes :-)

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