Sunday, December 09, 2012

24 Fleetwood Mac shows go on sale Monday Dec 10th - AMEX Pre-Sale 10AM

Beginning Monday morning (December 10th) 24 Fleetwood Mac shows go on-sale through the American Express Pre-sale.  All Tickets available via Ticketmaster.  Hope you get decent seats!!  

Pre-sales already under way include Washington, DC April 9th plus San Jose, CA May 22nd.

American Express Pre-Sale - December 10th

4/4    Columbus, OH
4/6    Philadelphia, Pa
4/8    New York City, NY
4/11  Louisville, KY
4/13  Chicago, IL
4/18  Boston, MA
4/24  Newark, NJ
4/26  Pittsburgh, PA
4/28  St. Paul, MN
4/30  Kansas City, MO
5/1    Tulsa, OK
5/3    Little Rock, AR
5/20  Tacoma, WA
5/25  Los Angeles, CA
5/26  Las Vegas, NV
5/28  Anaheim, CA
5/30  Phoenix, AZ
6/1    Denver, CO
6/4    Dallas, TX
6/5    Houston, TX
6/7    Tampa, FL
6/8    Fort Lauderdale, FL
6/10  Atlanta, GA
6/12  Detroit, MI

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I'd love to see them add Jones Beach to this list....

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