Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One Night Only in the UK: Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham & Mick Fleetwood - Sound City

The Sound City documentary that Stevie, Lindsey and Mick all appear in will be playing for one night only in the UK on February 18th at the following theatres.  Tickets are available now from VUE. 

For a complete theatre listing for current and upcoming US/Canada screenings, check out Sound City's Theatre  Guide.  Great flick if you haven't seen it yet. 


Birmingham Vue Star City Feb 18th, 2013
Bristol Vue Bristol Cribbs Feb 18th, 2013
Cambridge Vue Cambridge Feb 18th, 2013
Ellesmere PortVue Chesire Oaks Feb 18th, 2013
Edinburgh Vue Edinburgh Omni Feb 18th, 2013
Hamilton Vue Hamilton Feb 18th, 2013
Princess Quay, Hull Vue Hull Feb 18th, 2013
Leeds Vue Leeds Kirkstall Feb 18th, 2013
London, Islington Vue Islington Feb 18th, 2013
London, West End Vue West End Feb 18th, 2013
Manchester Vue Manchester Red     Feb 18th, 2013
Portsmouth Vue Portsmouth Feb 18th, 2013
Reading Vue Reading Feb 18th, 2013
Sheffield Vue Sheffield Feb 18th, 2013
York, North Yorkshire    Vue York  Feb 18th, 2013

The Sound City Players have booked a gig at The Forum in London on February 19th.  Tickets are on-sale today at Ticketmaster.  It doesn't look like Stevie Nicks will be making this show.

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