Tuesday, March 05, 2013

In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks Documentary Coming to Tucson April 2nd - ONE NIGHT ONLY

In Your Dreams: Stevie Nicks
Tuesday, April 2 at 7:00pm
The Loft Cinema - Tucson, AZ

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Part of our One Hit Wonders series, featuring great new documentaries at special one-night-only screenings!

Co-presented by Zia Records!

Don’t miss this special “one night everywhere” screening of the bewitching new Stevie Nicks documentary, kicking off Fleetwood Mac’s sold out 2013 tour, which begins April 4th!

Decadent rock star, ’70s survivor, gypsy songbird, white-winged dove - the inimitable Stevie Nicks has entranced millions of fans worldwide with her poetic lyrics, sultry singing and iconic “feather-and-lace” style. With her bewitching, emotionally-charged songs – from “Rhiannon” to “Landslide” to “Dreams” to “Gypsy” – Nicks cemented her status as one of the most distinctive female voices in rock history as a member of Fleetwood Mac and through her own solo career. In 2010 Nicks embarked on the recording of a new solo album, “In Your Dreams,” produced by former Eurythmics mastermind Dave Stewart. With cameras in tow, documentarian Stewart and diva Nicks set up shop in her home studio and reveal their collaborative creative process. Shifting dynamically among video formats, painstaking recording sessions and revealing interviews, this magic-tinged musical journey is a loving and tuneful portrait of the eternally bewitching Gold Dust Woman. (Dir. by Dave Stewart & Stevie Nicks, 2012, 101 mins., Not Rated, Abramorama Releasing) Digital

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MplsMike said...

I realize this film is probably going to have to be touted around the country before it can be released to DVD/Blu-Ray, but c'mon enough's enough. This album is nearly two years old, how long do we have to wait for this? Include it with a bonus-track edition of the album and an bonus DVD of the Wiltern concert and it will sell. It's also a smart way to reintroduce new listeners to the album.

Unknown said...

Looks like Dave Stewart didn't lie! I posted a comment about when the DVD will come out on his Facebook and he responded to me and said, "It's going to a few more cities then to DVD."

Anonymous said...

The release of the In your Dreams documentary should be posted as ...Coming to DVD in a Few Years! I agree with the above poster davidmikej,
for all the time we have had to wait for this documentary,maybe Stevie & Dave should re-think about letting all of the footage/filming be included, instead of editing it as mentioned. that is the least they could & SHOULD do, considering the time that has passed. It's kinda insulting that it's being released in this fashion...and yes it should include a bonus dvd..and a pro-release concert.

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