Monday, June 17, 2013

3 NEW Australian Dates for Fleetwood Mac: Sydney | Perth | Brisbane

3 New Australian Dates:

I figured they would add more dates, there were just too many large gaps between shows.

A third Sydney date is expected to be announced for November 14th.

A second Perth date on November 23rd.

A second Brisbane date on December 3rd.

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Anonymous said...

seceond Melbourne concert
Wed 27 Nov 2013

Unknown said...

As much as Stevie's Australian fans have been moaning and groaning about the venues selling out in 15 minutes, FM just needs to do an entire one-month Australian tour lol.

Remember when Stevie went and performed with the Melbourne Symphony? I had never seen fans so vicious and upset that it sold out in 20 minutes lol. Australians really love them! I hope everyone there gets to finally see them!

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