Monday, July 01, 2013

AVAILABLE NOW! Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams Film via

Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams
Stevie and Dave's documentary on the making of Stevie's 2011 album "In Your Dreams" is now available to purchase via direct download and DRM-Free from

This is especially cool for those that don't use iTunes and didn't get to see the film during it's limited theatre run.  Now you have the opportunity to see it!  PLUS... It's cheaper too!!  Only $9.99 vs the iTunes version. Payment options include: Paypal, Amazon or by Credit Card.

It seems the film can STILL only be accessed by those inside North America!  This is crazy!!  If they are going to make it available on their own website, make it available to everybody everywhere!  

Instant streaming of the film and HD Downloads of the film are available.  Buy now, watch on-line or download immediately.  An email link will be sent to you once you purchase that let's you come back to the site to watch any time!

Buy it today and get TWO, previously unreleased, exclusive scenes with Dave and Stevie!

I just bought using a credit card... Really simple!  It's a fun film!

Also available on Hoopla 


Anonymous said...

So - it appears the videos for Annabel Lee, Italian Summer, Wide Sargasso Sea and Everybody Loves You - are a "no-show". Are these going to the "song vault" never to be seen? It's looking like this might be the case.

(Maybe) there still is the chance for an "expanded" release of IYD which could include a DVD of the videos? Or a sole DVD release of the documentary and the videos?

I'll pass on the buying the video (again) without the videos. I'll watch the two scenes when they appear on YouTube (don't yell at me - I bought the iTunes video so I DO support her).

Anonymous said...

"This film is not yet available in your area"
Well this sucks.

MplsMike said...

As big a Stevie fan as I am I am not going to buy the film again unless the missing music videos are made available. I do appreciate the fact this is DRM-free copy, but I cannot justify purchasing it again without the music videos.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If you bought the iTunes 1080p version it was $16. If you buy this version (with 4 extra minutes of footage) it's another $11. If you wait and buy the DVD (which Dave posted on his Facebook that they were close to finalizing a deal for its release) that'll probably be $20. Therefore, you can easily spend $47. If you went to the theatrical screening that was around $13/ticket - which comes to around $60. That's a ton of money on basically the exact same thing just in different formats. $60 will fill up my gas tank for a week.

Come on Stevie...throw us a bone.


Anonymous said...

This kind of dates me I guess... BUT.. NO chance of any dvd release??

Anonymous said...

I will certainly purchase this film eventually, but I'm going to wait and see if it will be released on DVD down the road. It probably will, and hopefully the DVD version will include the videos.

Anonymous said...

I will just wait for the dvd release myself. all this itunes and downloads is not for me. Seen at the sag habors ny and again just about 2 months ago. So i wil wait!

Unknown said...

Yea, I'm with all of you : I want the DVD. I don't watch much of anything on my computer. I prefer the comfort of my front room couch and the big screen.

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