Friday, September 13, 2013

BBC RADIO INTERVIEWS: Stevie Nicks w/ Steve Wright | Lauren Laverne and Jane Garvey of Woman's Hour

Steve Wright in the Afternoon BBC Radio 2
Steve and the team chat to Fleetwood Mac legend - Stevie Nicks Friday Sept 13th - 14:00 (2:00pm). Listen on-line

Lauren Laverne BBC Radio 6 Music
Lauren interviewed Stevie today (Sept 13) The show will be available shortly on the BBC website. Stevie's interview is right at the end of the show.
Listen on-line 

Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4
Jane Garvey interviewed Stevie today (Sep 13). The show with Stevie's interview will air on Monday, Sept 16th at 10am UK time.

Jane Garvey tweeted that Stevie told her that Christine will perform with Fleetwood Mac on the UK Tour.  Listen in on Monday to find out exactly to what extent!

Jane Garvey's show airs weekdays 10-11am and Saturdays 4-5pm.  Website to listen on-line

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Unknown said...

Steve I know of all you have wrote since Ca when you were hitchhikeing in the 70s and went to Red Rock and places in the Valley I love you more today then back then oh and If you remember me I told you 2 you would become famous and told you the friendship you2 have allway,s had will outlast the love you thought you were running to and remember CA

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